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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


I dont get it either. As you can see, tho, this person has either checked this thread or came up with the exact workarounds for the suggestions, here, on how to fix things.


It would be useful if when adding a new recipe…the steep time is entered from a dropdown.

Comments could then be DISABLED until the end of the steep time.


I’ve always agreed with that. Rate requires a comment. I will make it so (hopefully not too far in the future)! :slight_smile:


Your the best’est. thanks for all your hard work.


Look at this clown…
squeeze - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/user/ratings/95076

An obvious attempt to move things around. Please don’t be gentle!

@daath - how many of the ratings on snowy fuji are the same guys? Because the dates the ratings came in are awful fishy.


What the hell is wrong with those haters…


my lord i believe you may be right , smh , it almost makes a person want to downgrade the snowy fuji, not saying i would but it has crossed my mind , the sad thing is those three recipes earned their way to the top without manipulation , im wondering if a person isnt on the forum is there a way to pm squeeze to ask WTF or at least why


I have thought the same thing but restrained myself - I think the problem lies with the youtube channel of the original creator he makes $ from it i assume and the more search engine / ratings he gets the more $ he will make from YT. But that is just me and my suspicious mind. He may well be totally innocent but his users are certainly not.

Just irks me a little that some new user comes along and sees that recipe at the top of the list and makes it then thinks - Is this the best they have got.


None seem to be the same person - I think it just might be his youtube following that started rating it…


Thanks @LordVapor, I’m glad I am not the only one that deeply watchful/ paranoid.

Sometimes you can spot the rating slander here…


Sometimes I just wonder why go through the effort of creating an account just to rate 1 recipe and throw a little shade. It’s really senseless to me.


Hadir probably chose today to stop sniffing glue… it feels the need to make someone else feel its pain. :smirk:


Because of the name Hadir/Hater, I wonder if it’s a joke.


Is there any way of making it that you must be of trust level 2 before you can rate recipes?


Or you need to leave a comment along with a recipe rating :+1:
You know something to the effect of "I am giving this recipe 3 stars. I found the flavoring to be unbalanced. While it was vapeable, it was not pleasant.


Not to offend anyone but for the sake of the discussion.
Couldn’t it be so easy that this guy even though his account is new have mixed this recipe and it wasn’t to his liking? After all he rated it a 3 and not a 1 which would be the obvious thing to do if the purpose was to downgrade the recipe for some reason.


Yes, I agree @Norseman with you. That’s why I was saying the rater would need to leave a comment with his rating.
See I don’t mind being critiqued. But part of rating a recipe in my opinion should be leaving a comment. Whether it’s a 5 star or 1 star, We all like feedback on our mixes. Am I right or Am I right :grinning::+1:


I would prefer getting critique over getting rated. If it were up to me the rating system could get scrapped. And if the system stays i agree with you @Mark_Turner that in order to rate something you also have to leave a comment.


The rating system clued me in on good recipes when I started. It was invaluable for me.

My personal feeling is that 99% of people rate appropriately maybe 95% however the cream should still rise to the top.


I agree. I found the rating system very useful.

I would like my own list of “trusted raters” though. So I could filter scores by people I trust and who I think have the same taste as me.