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Drunk Mixing


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You should see some of the snap chats she sends me!


Your so pretty!


At least I didn’t post what you sent me… :nauseated_face:


That wasn’t me, it was the one armed man!


Hey, the new guy here. Vaping booze? Never done it. Read the link above, says vapshot drunk lasts 60seconds - worth the effort?


@Flaskaholic the idea is to capture the flavor used in BeverageX …and remember you didn’t hear it from me :sunglasses::zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes:


@BoDarc does X mark the spot?


hehe …correction > BeverageXXX
BTW I had a smoked whisky custard (Commercial/local) ejuice that was awesome. It also gunked up my wick which I blamed on sugar likely in the moonshine used for flavoring :wink:


Your basic Backdraft bar drink is partly inhaled ethanol vapor so minus the risk of a stack fire in your atomizer vape that booze. :slight_smile:


haha @Bob_Bitchen, I am trying to instill some caution here, maybe letting the alcohol evaporate would be wise, and clearly mixing PGA at 50%/VG would be foolhardy …we’re just spitballing. But you are correct. However there are low% of alcohol in lots of regularly available flavorings …some that won’t ship internationally because of containing alcohol (MSDS Flashpoint analysis). What % of alcohol causes a fire/explosion via a heated vape coil is definitely something to AVOID

…the idea again is capturing the flavor component, not the alcohol …which as your picture show is not just flammable BUT EXPLOSIVE. Play safe you kids :wink: …and thanks Bob for the visual reminder of what would happen without proper handling and THOUGHT. Now I want one of those, tho. What crazy bars allow serving that little fire hazard? …cuz I wanna go :thinking: Oh now I see Lion Red Beer which is from New Zealand …Road Trip!


alright @BoDarc guess will have to give it a try one of those days.


Well I just had my first failure “Drunk Mixing”. The quandry was the last of a target BevXXX I thought a perfect candidate for DIY e-juice …I mean, what like setting aside 3mls for a test? …ok, you guessed, I drank it. This is going to harder than I thought.:thinking:


So I’m not drunk mixing, but I am drinking. Luckily for me and my taste buds, I’m out of town right now and away from my DIY supplies. However, I did create a simple yet delicious mixed drink today. Here’s a roundabout recipe -

6 oz Starbucks Dark Roast Iced Coffee
1 oz 99 Whipped Cream Liqueur
1 oz Half n Half

In a 10 oz glass, add ice and liqueur
Pour in coffee. Stir
Add half n half

You can mix or leave unmixed for visual effect. It’s lovely!

This is a little like a White Russian. Very yummy!

EDIT - It’s 6 oz coffee, not 16. Maybe I’m feeling it more than I thought :slight_smile:


The small bottles for sale near registers are 60 ml I think. I’ve done this with cactus inside an almost empty tequila bottle. It was interesting.


I’m up for the drunk part! :laughing:


Cheers to that! :clinking_glasses: