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Drunk Mixing


Thanks to @Steampugs and @SessionDrummer for this idea. I thought it might have a dual purpose. A warning to have your Notes ready so you don’t mix up your best juice ever (whilst intoxicated), and not remember how you did it, and… a dangerous topic.

This started on chat (Discord). I won’t say who it was as a confidental source. The idea involves my favorite alcoholic beverages …great examples of expertly crafted flavored products, and using them for vaping [cough]. I have NOT done this yet, and I would think “sugars” in flavored liquors might not be the best thing to vape, but still the idea has some attraction for me. As described by secret sources you simply use your fav liquor as a flavoring at 10% (untested by me). The subject was The Kraken Spiced Rum.

[DISCLAIMER:] Ok vaping your bar sounds a wee dangerous. Never do any of the things I recommend …that’s my recommendation. Keep in mind we already have topics which include adding lower levels of alcohol to e-juice as a matter of regular technique. However at what level that VG/Alcohol mix becomes explosive is definitely something to strongly consider. Perhaps this may be the time to uncap any liquor-based fresh mixes (If you foolishly try this) and let the alcohol evaporate (just leaving the flavors?). The goal of this post is to start a discussion and gather some intel on the topic and is NOT a green light to YOU NOT taking personal responsibility for your own reckless experimentation. Clearly heating higher concetrations of alcohol will start a fire, and any risk of vaping fire is something to AVOID. Safety is Vape One! Flavored Liquors also typically have sugars which are also a current topic as something to not vape …although there are many recipes currently found still using the sugar-containing flavorings. Experiment at your own risk!

This is for the folks who like Florals (@Ailith @therabidweasel) and anyone who has had Chartreuse. I recently mixed up this cocktail, a Chartreuse Mule which is simply Ginger Beer, Lemon juice, and Chartreuse… tasty (and floral)! Also there’s likely no way to make a Chartreuse artificially flavored vape …might just test this one as a vape.

So meanwhile the topic is BORN. Controversy! Fcukery! …all rolled into one topic. Cheers!

Cheers All!

Whoopppeeee! Drunk mixing!



Oh yeah as an added topic surely we should include general attempts to convert Adult Beverages to safe vape recipes too :wink:


Put vitamins in the liquid while you are at it… I mean come on - we are mixing drunk anyway, right?


As a zero carb liquor connoisseur I can tell you that Absolut flavored vodka has no sugar added to it. The thought has actually crossed my mind to use some in an ejuice mix, but the concentration of the flavor would be so low that I can’t imagine it would carry through. Actually, Absolut Peppar might…



Holy Moly! :astonished:


Now if I james st hat that kiss me of money to blow on 1/60 of a shot!


Have you been @Molly_Mcghee’s painkillers? (Hope you’re doing okay Molly). Or is this a common American phrase I’m unfamiliar with :laughing:


:rofl: that was a autocorrect like no other!


It was supposed to say, now if I had that kind of money to blow on 1/60 of a shot! :sunglasses:





heheh Drunk Posting :wink:


Hey man I can’t help it, I took My vacation to take care of @Molly_Mcghee and she just sleeps so I have to entertain myself some how!


I’m pretty sure a non-vaping co-worker of mine, just the other day, was trying to convince me that vaping liquor is better because you don’t get dehydrated, and therefore no hangover ?




I’m just over here like…


Rest UP!


You should see some of the snap chats she sends me!