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Drunken Custard - Barrel and Wood Steeping Methods


Thanks. I have some nice Inawera flavors in transit that might pair well


Try @DarthVapor’s Ylang’s Vanilla Oak. Killer vape.


That’s very cool. Sounds delicious!


Are you putting an actual alcohol in it other than whats in your flavoring? I’m curious because of the obvious food grade type … me being paranoid about bacteria again sorry…lol


All of the ingredients besides the nicotine are stored at room temperature anyway, usually shipped to you in cheap ass HDPE bottles that leech everything from Oxygen to small children through its molecular structure. The barrel is charred on the inside by the manufacturer to kill off most of the bugs. The few that remain add a nice protein kick and a searing sizzle on the coils!

But seriously, I think it’s going to be just fine. I had a similar concern when I first decided to do this and when I asked around I got the impression it should be fine. I will be checking on it daily, because it is surprising how much oak flavoring has already entered the juice, and the fact that I am sitting at work right now chomping at the bit to try it again has me thinking the barrel time might not need to be as long as I originally had planned.

It’s in a cool dry place today. Tonight it will be in the shower room closet getting all humidified. Then tomorrow I think I will stick the barrel outside under the tool shed out back - lol just kidding… or am I?

Hey, you know what? You guys will be my lab rats anyway! :mask::scream::cold_sweat::mask:
NO WORRIES! :laughing:


How many liters does that one hold LV?


1 liter. I expect to vape through 30ml of that tonight when I get home though.


I’m up for a 30 Ml of that. So what’s this Pappy Van Winkle sauce gonna run me :wink: We really need our own reality TV show “VapeRunners” with genius like this.


From Hannah Piper @ http://oakbarrelsltd.com

Hi Dumbass, (name has been changed from Kevin to Dumbass for privacy)

Thanks so much for the note! It’s always important to keep a close eye on your products while inside the barrel to make sure there isn’t any bacteria or mold growth. However, if you are keeping your barrel 75% to 95% full and leaving it the barrel for the recommend time you shouldn’t have any problems. With your 1L barrel it only takes about 1-2 weeks for your contents to age. Also, the longer you keep your contents in the barrel, the more you’ll lose to evaporation.

It sounds like you’re doing everything correctly … just keep in mind the amount of time we recommend aging in the 1L. I look forward to working with you in the future – have a great day!

Best Regards,

Hannah Piper


Ba ha ha! Your awesome… nyaaa that’s ok sweetie you go ahead. Ha!


Really when you think about it, it’s true most of us aren’t making our stuff in a clean room. It has nicotine in it which kills everything, most of us are keeping it in dark closets just below room temperature and we are vaping steam which by its nature is heated to over 220 degrees regardless… so I guess it’s really kind of silly to worry about it…

But I am a germo-phobe who uses hand sanitizer before I touch my own door knobs after I have company over for dinner… Ha!


I’m not quite that bad but I am a germaphobe as well. And I blame it on my germophobic biology teacher who thought it was a great idea to explain his phobia to everybody in our class and basically created a classroom full of germaphobes. But even so I’m still not scared to go into the woods and grab a stick and scrape the dirt off to cook hotdogs on it


I was lucky enough to find my cedar note through a couple of EuroFlavors tobaccos. But, had I not, I was heading down cedar strip road for sure. :grinning:


How is it? Does it hit the spot for you?


It does hit the spot, just about perfectly. It’s both the EF Cigar Cuba and the Orient Black; no matter which one used, they offer a great cedar note at 1% in the mix. :grinning:


Your very brave indeed! (and creative) what a great idea with the wood barrel!


Yum! I’m so keen to try this. Much dedication.


So i went the cheap route, instead of a barrel im using French Oak medium toasted beans as they are called in the wine industry. They have a lovely smell and impart notes of fruits, light chocolate, light smoked flavor and creme brulee. I dropped two of them in a 120ml bottle of my Simple Custard, ive tested it twice so far, once per week. So far the results are fantastic, i will probably let it go for two more weeks. I thought that i would have to strain the mixture when finished but i dont think it will be necessary as there are no floaties at this point.

Ive also mixed a bottle of Aged Bourbon Cream (RF) and done the same with two beans. I will probably do some experimentation with other woods as well, KinnJim mentioned cedar, this is one of the woods @LordVapor and i discussed in chat.


You send me some of yours, I will send you some of mine :wink:


I know it’s not the same kind of beans… But that got me thinking. Could you steep a juice with coffee beans in it?? I wonder… :open_mouth: