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Drunken Custard - Barrel and Wood Steeping Methods


@VapeyMama that (coffee beans) might be a good test for PDO/VaporBase


@therabidweasel makes his own vanilla flavoring using vanilla beans.

Psst! I know what you are thinking… I have tried to picture it too! The Weasel, standing over a cutting board, foaming at the mouth and chopping vanilla beans. But he is an aficionado of the vanilla bean and coffee bean I think. He can help ya out with that. Just don’t stand too close to him or he will bite.


:joy: oh wow, yeah that’s QUITE the visual…!


Oh wow! What a great idea!


That might be “the” way to get a really good coffee flavor in vapor that doesn’t involve flavor compounds none of these companies can get right. My husband has been ordering a lot of those exotic blend beans from master roasters around the country… oh man that gives me an idea. (you guys are killing me with this stuff today) @Ken_O_Where… what do you think about floating those oak chips or beans in some kind of netting? Cheese cloth might leave a fiber residue, right?


Well I made this today because I happened to stumble across it: http://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/2y0u99/i_did_my_first_coffee_flavor_extract_last_night/
But I’m definitely gonna throw a few coffee beans in with something now and see how that works! I think I’ll try it with my “Vienna Catalan” mix, 2% each of FA Vienna cream and Catalan cream, and then stash it away for a while. Now I’m excited!


Me too! Thank you!


There is a really good discussion on here about coffee extraction etc. I am way to lazy and busy right now to look.


With the vanilla beans, Ishake it each night for about 3 weeks. Then iIlet it sit a week minimum and decant off the top 50% then refill. I am only worried about fibers and particulate combusting on my coils. There is so much less than a smell of burning tobacco even in a 250ml batch of juice, it’sa non-issue to me.

I roast coffee; it is a holy bean. My vape habit is a joke in comparison.


If you like coffee, single-origin vanilla is right up your alley. Try some papua, it’s as unique of a vanilla as a coffee.


I make real vanilla bean custard (food) but I just get beans from local high-end grocery. You extract in grain alcohol?


They seem to be quite clean and not leaving any floaties thus far. If they do ill run it through a natural coffee filter.


Juststraight pg 10 chars


Thanks so much, I don’t want to stay off-topic because this is a great thread. I make everything from scratch. My whole life is DIY. Coffee and Vanilla beans are triggering my obsessive bone. I’ve tried a ton of Coffee ejuice and only liked one. Someone offered me $50 for my 10 year old espresso machine during my move and I accepted… now I need to join the Vanilla Bean Forum and the Barista Forum :wink:


While the barrel is really awesome. I took a small amount of oak slivers and chips and steeped in Vodka in a sealed container for 30 minutes in my UC. Talk about true oak flavor. That was amazing. as soon as evaporates down a little I’m gonna add some VG and see how it does.


Glad to see you aren’t dead! LOL.


Charring the oak must add hundreds of complex chemicals to affect the flavor. googling for “Furanoids” of course takes me to a coffee roasting site… very likely similar to charring oak …and for me one more slippery step down that rabbit hole


That was mentioned when I went to Wild Turkey and Jack Daniels distilleries, and why I bought the barrel I did instead of one of the others I found.


Just don’t put any Oak Pellets in your coffee grinder, that may end up bad…:grimacing:


We should have the guy from “Will it Blend” test that out. :grinning: