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E-Liquid Calculator and Juice Price


Clicking the small X-icon now highlights the missing flavors - not the ones missing price/volume :slight_smile:


Thank you. I see why it was formulated that way though, the calculator keeps up with exactly how much you have and if you need to reorder a particular flavor.

I’m starting to buy higher volumes of the flavors I know I use. Grape for instance I bought i think it’s a half liter. Watermelon and orange are some others I get that are big. I’m really having a ball with the Area 51 recipe, it doesn’t taste like 51 to me but I like it.


That’s the thing - Lots of people set out to clone something, but end up with a recipe they like better :slight_smile:

ELR doesn’t actually keep track on how much you use yet - That’s still to come (batch and inventory control) :slight_smile:


Because I cannot find the answer anywhere else. Does the Price calculated include the cost of Nic, Pg, and VG if I have those costs input in my preferences or is this just the price of flavors?


Yes, if you have input the volume and price of PG, VG and nicotine in your preferences, and input the price and volume of the flavors in your stash, the price shown will be the total cost of all the liquids used.


Thanks for the quick reply!