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E-Liquid Calculator and Juice Price


I have been using the online E-Liquid Calculator (and loving it - it is the best one available) and like that it gives me the total price to make different quantities of juice based on the prices and bottle size I entered into my stash. All of the totals looked correct for a simple menthol liquid I have been working on. Last night, I started experimenting with flavors not used before, but entered into my stash with bottle size and price. I just noticed that the total price given on the recipe page is impossible - Price: 18.82. I figured it out in a different calculator and 10 mls of this recipe would cost about 57 cents to make. Is this a known bug or is there something I can do differently to make the price for the amount I make correct?


Check your prices make sure you didn’t misplace a decimal point is about all i can think of.


Thank you SO much. I sure do feel duh right now. I put in the bottle sizes for the new flavorings in decimal points - .10 instead of 10.00. That made a huge difference. That would have been some expensive flavoring. :blush: Really, thank you!


While it wont reflect your price as long as u entered the same way in your stash, I am not sure that u have the Koolada and menthol written correctly.


Do you mean that you think the levels are too high? They probably are. This was a recipe I got from someone else and am adapting. I think there is too much Sweet Cream too. Thank you!


Something happened after the last update, it’s not showing my recipes and in stock flavors.


Are you clicking the button to get to them?


Click on the “My Recipes” or “My Flavor Stash” from the drop-down menu, or click on the green My Recipes button. I hope this helps.


I can see them but when I click “you are missing ingredients”, it shows every ingredient missing even when I have them.


I don’t have that problem but I haven’t tried to input any recipes where I am missing ingredients. Maybe someone else has an answer for you. I hope so.


I have been having the same issue. Lucky I don’t have that many flavors so I know if I have them or not.


I edited a recipe and added an ingredient I knew I didn’t have in my “Stash.” This is what my screen looks like when I click on the “You are missing ingredients” message. It highlighted the missing flavor.


I have all of these.


Even says it is in my list.


I get that also even with flavors that are definitely in my stash… think it has something to so with the price not being defined on the flavors.


Maybe a stupid thing to suggest, but have you tried clearing your browser data? (ctrl+shift+del)
If that doesn’t help, I’d ask @daath to have a look at it. This is not normal.


Probably important to note I’m on an ipad. No clt alt del. :smiley:


small ting, just go through settings :wink:
and it’s shift, not alt


Clicking on the icon highlights all flavors that are missing price and volume in your stash…


So I should at least put default values in there. Roger that, thank you!