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E liquids and flying


I’m going to be going on a flight and I was wondering if it was possible to take the marijuana vape juice. Does anyone know if this is possible


You’re ok if it’s just a flavor and doesn’t contain THC. Quite a few countries also don’t allow CBD, so check the laws of the country you’re visiting.
For more information, I refer you to


No problem at LAX.


as long as each bottle is under 4oz which IIRC is 120ml. you should be fine


120ml will be confiscated, the limit is 100ml or 3.4oz


I stand corrected


well technically you were correct, 100ml is “under 4oz or 120ml” :wink:


Maybe. I thought this Forum was International? The OP failed to tell us where he/she was flying.

“On domestic flights, you can bring liquid items with no capacity (except salted fish and other odor liquid).”


(Okay…I’ll admit it…I’m not sure if the OP’s juice is considered an “odor liquid”. :grinning:)


Most domestic as well as international flights do not allow thc/cbd juices.

As advised ask the airline you’re flying with, check state and country laws.

Don’t just assume because it might be “legal” in one state or country, that this is a overall free ticket. It’s not.


Thanks everyone I’m not going to risk it. I’m in the US btw.