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Ecig.com Reputable?



has anyone used this company ? are they reputable


ive ordered once or twice from them, reputable. They’ve been around quite awhile.


awesome ty , they are here in the US right ? if you want to close this thread it fine i trust your judgement :slight_smile:


Im not positive but i think i remember them being in Texas.


I’ve ordered exactly that from them as well. When they have them on sale, they’re an excellent price. Definitely USA.


thank you @Ken_O_Where and @JoJo , jojo do you know anywhere cheaper in the US right now ? i need to stock up


I’ve bought from them several times. They list themselves as being in Texas, but shipping is from Oklahoma. I bought two Smoant Battlestars at about $32 apiece and Smoant tanks that I like pretty well. Shipping to Indiana was really quick. Never had a problem.


nice prices on those battlestars


I usually order my Crown coils from Fasttech. I get several at a time when they have a sale.

VapeNW has them for 6.90


I like them a lot. They fit my hands and work great. I did some scope testing and IMHO are as good as many of the higher priced Mods. I’m going to try a Charon soon but damn, I have 8 mods already.:rofl:


nice ill have to do the math , because vapenw is here in wa state and i get charged the tax so sometimes its cheaper to order out of state but ty ill be able to at least do a comparison


Got the same deal from them wish I could get another one at that price but they’re all out


ya i just looked as well :frowning: but hopefully they will get some more i did the notify thing its a steal of a price


They have a rewards program that’s really awesome also


im about to creat account , i want to grab about 10packs of crown coils and it would have been nice to add the battlestar lol


Then you will be eligible to get the $5 off with signing up for the newsletter, and more off after each purchase


cool they also give 10pct off when you add email so pretty cool it sounds like eightvapes program which is really nice as well