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EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!


So we have been working on a series of videos for our website upgrade.
We made a basic video for mixing by weight, this is info most ELR users already know, but who better to get feedback from than this awesome DIY community?
Care to have a look?


quick , simple and on point well done , i like thw fact that you did not over complicate it


Very well done, any New to DIYr could easily follow a long.


What @Mark_Turner said. Very good video. I also enjoyed the graphics and the nice tips at the end regarding steeping.


I mixed volume for years and made the switch to mixing by weight about 8months ago. Why did i wait so long …stubborn. Thank you for confirming the measurements i have been using are in fact correct.


Thx @Leilani!



Happy Friday Mix Family! This week’s sale is on FlavourArt!
Have a SAFE and excellent weekend!


you always get me with this one lol , do you know when you will have the newer capella silverline flaves ? meringue , acai or something like that , and apple snacks ???


Not here yet but one the way! (silverline) excited to try those Apple Snacks as well! I think today we are receiving Soda base from RFSC! (excited to try that one as well.)


You are going to love the RF SC Soda base. That and the RF SC Taffy base are unique & Outstanding!


@Mark_Turner you were right! its pretty awesome so far!


Hey guys, just wanted to stop in and say hi and do a small giveaway. We will post it in the giveaway section. Hope everyone is mixing up some great recipes and is ready for a pleasant Easter weekend:)


Here is a link~


Much appreciated!!
Happy Easter to our friends and extended family at ECX! :smiley:


I am currently obsessing over Honeydew Creams and waiting on a big package from Ecigexpress right now!


Hello @ecigexpress are there any sells going on this week? Have a cart ready and looking to purchase. Thank you


yes! hold on just a sec… posting now:)


Okay thank you



Ooooo it’s Easter Weekend! Save 15% off STOREWIDE all weekend long! Use the code in the pic above :tada:

Also, we added a couple more flavors from @Walt_RealFlavors’s Super concentrate line:
Soda Base
Strawberry Jam Toast

Quick note: We personally have been enjoying that Soada base to play around with. Here is a recipe we made that we found pretty good:)

And Jungle is re-stocked! (we have more JF Yellow Cake!)
and of course be sure to check out our giveaway in the giveaway section!

Other than that we wish you a VERY Happy Easter Weekend!


This a good one thank you again!