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EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!


Hmmm that’s odd. it’s loading on our browsers as well. @MysticRose we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience:(


damn that does suck. maybe clear your cookies/cache? or try rebooting the pc?

Im about to place a small order myself


Not your fault, but thank you. Gotta run now, but will do as obijuan suggested and clear cache and reboot. Thanks all :slight_smile:


Happy Friday everyone!
Our weekend sale this week is on Jungle Flavors !
Save 30% on these fine German flavors with the code in the pic!
Have a great weekend and Happy Mixing!



Memorial Day Savings Start now!
Save 30% Storewide with NO EXCLUSIONS!

Also, Be sure to enter our Memorial Day Giveaway as well!

Other than that Stay tuned for more deals and giveaways!

Our team wishes you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend and gives thanks to those who gave all!

Memorial Day Sales Thread 2018


That’s my favorite. Because if they all took a rip of the menthol crystals at a 80% PG solution at 150 watts we wouldn’t be having issues like this because that’d wake your ass up.


UPDATE: USPS is back up and available to choose as an shipping option! TGIF Mix Family!


ughhhh, I am stuck on the order page, hit place order 4 times already and it is just sitting there.

Edit: refreshed the page and the order went through…phew


Have a great Holiday Weekend everyone! Our Memorial Day Sale is good until Tuesday!

If interested, we have another variant of our Memorial Day giveaway going on our Facebook Page … a Mystery Prize! :slight_smile:




Did u mean that to be replied here for the contest? ECX: Memorial Day Giveaway! $50 Gift Code :)


Thanks @worm1!


@ecigexpress ive spent the minimum for free shipping after discount but the shipping method is saying this

do you guy NOT do free shipping if the purchase contains 100mgml nicotine ???


please let me know whats up asap , i waited till today and now have zero options on buying things with a discount :frowning:


did ya try continuing w/o picking an option, had similar happen w/ diff vendor


ya thats why i think i cant place order , im just trying to ignore , to be honest i threw in a liter of nic just bc i wanted NIC select plus 30off


I hope you get a response, but I think everything above 48mg ships ground and get charged different by different vendors unfortunately not many offer free shipping above the 48mg :frowning: hope you get it sorted out.


i just assumed if you spend 60 they ship whatever like NR does


i hope so too , i just assumed since NR did they would as well …


im going to wait hopefully ill get the answer b4 midnight lmao