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ECX: Memorial Day Giveaway! $50 Gift Code :)



:tada::us::us: ecigExpress presents: The Memorial Day Giveaway!

To celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend ecigExpress is offering a $50 Gift Card to one lucky randomized winner!
To enter, simply paste the URL of your favorite ECX product in the comments below!
(This is not limited to our house brands. Pick what you like.)

One mixer will receive a
$50 Gift Code when we randomly draw on May 29th, 2018.
Good Luck and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

One entry per person.
We apologize for the inconvenience ,but countries not listed on our international shipping list are not eligible for this giveaway.

EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!
EcigExpress: Deals and Flavor News!



Real Flavors (SC) Yumberry



So good alone or in a mix



This would be my second choice because I couldn’t find root beer flv.


This is so hard…there are so many favorites!!!

I actually have 2 that are pretty close to tied.

Flavor Express Sweet Rice I would have to list first as it’s only available from your site.


The other is Inawera Creme Brulee, it has taken over as my favorite custard.



so many things so heres a random one


ty for the giveaway


This here is AWESOME. Just cant get enough. It has the perfect blends of melons. Thank you ECX


Melodious is pretty nice for the summer:) vaping some right now lol


That sh’t is addicting its so good :smile:





Thanks for the giveaway, ecigexpress :wink:


Thanks @ecigexpress!! I couldn’t choose just one so I went with the sample pack👌


Since I have been going through this like it’s water it has to be my favorite http://www.ecigexpress.com/diy-e-liquid/diy-e-liquid-flavors/capella-flavor-drops/vanilla-custard-capella-flavor-drops.html

Thanks for the sale and giveaway @ecigexpress


While not a “favorite” per se, I recently ran out of Bavarian Cream(TPA) and was shocked to discover just how MANY recipes I love have it as one of the primary ingredients!


Thanks for the giveaway, and here’s to a happy, healthy and SAFE holiday for everyone! Cheers!


Use this in Alisa’s Bust-A-Nut all the time !



Bavarian cream is a staple in our mixing arsenal for sure. Right up there with Fresh Cream and Vanilla Custard!


desert ship is up there for me, I love the smell of it!





Oh sweet! with a 50$ Gift Certificate I could get this