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EcigExpress: Sales, Flavor News and more!


Re-bottled sir!


Kudos on adding options to FLV!


Hi @ecigexpress will you get the Taro back in stock in the 10ml any time soon? Also, will it be offered in 30ml bottles as well?


@Leilani Sorry for the delayed reply. I requested to have Taro poured today. For now it is only available in 10mls and 500ml sizes, but they may change in the upcoming months.


Thank you very much for the speedy reply and for the status update on the Taro! :blush:



Thank you @JoJo! you’re the best!


Happy Friday Vape Family!
This weekend! Save 20% on Both Real Flavors and Northwest VG Flavors here at ecigexpress.com!

Some other noteworthy items include:
For those who like cooling impacts, we now offer WS-23 in 30ml sizes! :slight_smile:

We have a new mixers spotlight one shot!
As its invigorating tart kiwi bite quickly gives way to full-bodied juicy sweetness, this exemplifies the supremacy of the Arctic Beauty variety of the emerald fruit over its fuzzy brother.
Served cold as the winds on the snowy slopes of Caradhras, it makes for a guaranteed refresher.

To learn more about Apexified and his mixing style checkout this article from our friends at DIYorDIE !

And last but not least, be sure to check out our Gift Card Giveaway in the contest thread and be sure to list your favorite flavor setup for a chance to win a $25 gift code good for anything offered here at ecigExpress.com !

That’s it for now, Have a great weekend and as always VapeSafe and MixWell!



Happy Friday Mixers! This Weekend save 25% off our brand
Flavors Express !
Now is a great time to restock or try out :
Sweet Rice

In addition, we’ve added three new delicious flavors to our Flavors Express Inventory:
Sweet Grape
RY4 Double

and lastly let’s do another giveaway :smile:

ECX Giveaway - Two $40 Giftcards (Ended)
ECX Giveaway - Two $40 Giftcards (Ended)
ECX Giveaway - Two $40 Giftcards (Ended)


Happy Labor Day Weekend Fellow Vapers and Mixers!
Now through Labor Day save 20% NEARLY site wide! Save on popular items and brands like:
DIYorDIE One Shots
Flavors Express
Flavor West
Jungle Flavors
Real Flavors
Northwest VG
DIY supplies and more!

Also we just added:
Cactus by Jungle Flavors - (great for adding juiciness to your fruit and candy mixes.)
Express DIY Concentrate: Fried Strawberry Ice Cream

We’ve added a few new items to our ON SALE! category! the code is good for savings there a well :slight_smile:

Also, stay tuned our Giveaway! in the giveaway thread. New one next week! :slight_smile:
We sincerely wish you a SAFE and excellent Labor Day Weekend!

P.S. Out of curiosity, what is everybody mixing for their fall seasonal vapes?


Apples, cranberries, and pumpkin spice, oh my! Fall is my favorite. :heart_eyes: :maple_leaf: :apple: :fallen_leaf: :green_apple:

Thanks for all the discounts and giveaways!!


Thank you and have a great Labor Day Weekend!


The Labor Day weekend may be over (We hope you had a great one!) but the savings continue!



Have an excellent week!


Happy Friday Everyone! This week save 20% on FlavourArt at ecigexpress!

Other than that we wish you a fun and SAFE weekend.
To our friends in Florida, please be extra careful this weekend.

New Giveaway!!



Happy Friday Vape Family! This weekend all Express DIY One Shot Recipe Concentrates are on sale!
These are perfect for those who are new to mixing as well as Vapers and mixers looking to save time and money:)
Our newest One shots include:
Fried Strawberry Ice Cream
Key Lime Pie

(DIYorDIE Concentrates not eligible for discount.)

Have a most excellent weekend and we will announce a winner from our giveaway around 11-12PST today!
Also check out our Pumpkin Spice cheesecake recipe in the recipes section~


We are proud to present a Strawberry Harvest from Jungle Flavors!
This delicious new strawberry is more has a more authentic strawberry flavor than our JF Strawberry Sweet
and is quite potent.

Would you like to give it a whirl? We will give a 10ml sample bottle to the first ten people who respond to this post! (USA ONLY)

ECX Giveaway - Two $40 Giftcards (Ended)

Looks awesome, can’t wait to try it


Looks great.

Good Deals 2017!

Ooh yes please!!!


Yes please :grin:
(If you send to Norway that is) :slight_smile: