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ECX Additive Giveaway (USA Only) (Ended)



We’ve put together a small care package of additives to giveaway!

This first giveaway is simple. Just post one of your ELR recipes that uses an additive here in this thread. (doesn’t have to be brand specific.)

Users may enter as many times as they want, but cannot post twice in a row (i.e. you have to wait for someone else to post before you post again).

Next week, we will take the usernames of those who posted and put them in a list randomizer.

Winner will be announced next Friday!

The winner will receive:
1x 30ml Ethyl Maltol
1x 30ml Erythritol Solution
1x 30ml Sweetener
1x 30 ml Menthol Solution
1X 30 ml Koolada Solution
1x 10ml of WS-23

Good Luck to those who enter!

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It’s a simple two flavor mix (and the first one I’ve made public lol) but it’s one that took several tries to get the balance right. I wasn’t going to post it since:
A. It’s sooooo simple, that I think those who do SA testing would come up with it anyways…
B. Chocolate Cream being reformulated and all… But hey. For those who have it, enjoy it while it lasts!!



smelling greeeaat




M and M (moms menthol) F5 : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1726245/M+and+M++%28moms+menthol%29+F5

3% Arctic Winter (Menthol Artic) (FA)
0.75% Cowboy Blend (FA)
1.5% Dark Vapure (FA)
1.5% Hazelnut (FW)
1% Mellow Sunset (FA)
0.5% Shade (FA)

Flavor total: 8.25%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/dMtT

Thanks to @Sprkslfly for the category idea, brilliant. I will use it from now on.
Thanks to @Kinnikinnick for helping me with this recipe
To bad I don’t know how to count :roll_eyes:




Smartphone won’t let me paste BB Code


We Love You ECX





I had this steeping for a couple months and unsure where I pulled the recipe together from. I added the sweetner because it was harsh and ended up being absolutely amazing!!!



Ingredient %
Caramel (Original) (TPA) 5
Catalan Cream (FA) 6
Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) (TPA) 1
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 7

Flavor total: 19%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


My wife loves this stuff!


wuuuuuuuuuut?! LOL ok we have to mix this at the office …