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Pumpkin spice
Scary movie, though it’s not really a scary movie :joy::joy:


orange & cloves
the thing (original)


pumpkin pie


Apple fritter and The Thing


No favorite “holiday” vapes… yet,
scary movie : Army of Darkness


YES! definitely in our top five as well !


Apple pie a’ la mode. Except I swap Ice-cream for custard because why not?

Does The Stand qualify as a scary movie?


Thats a good movie :+1:


Coming into summer down here under the world so anything cool and fruity is on the cards.

This terrified me when it came out on vhs and we managed to grab a copy and watch it. From memory I was about 10.



Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding…
I really never liked scary Movies.
Thanks for another giveaway!


Vanilla custard (good for any season) especially fall.

The Exorcist


Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake
House of 1000 Corpes or Devils Rejects


Holiday Spice and The Shining


My favorite seasonal profile for fall would be Pumpkin Spice typically in the form of a latte but not always

One of my favorite scary films would be The Strangers


Darn, you picked my movies :yum:.
I would have to say a warm allspice/cardamom tobacco, something with Spicy Biscuit and Soho or Glory, with some inviting creams, but that is totally just me. I may be the minority on that one.
I have to pick Pet Sematary, since someone decided to already pick my movies…looking at you @DarthVapor. :smile:
I may get hated on for this, but also The Shining (Mick Garris version)


Apple Butter Toffee mix and Pecan Pie

The Uncut version of the Exorcist


Links please!! :smiley:


Thanks for the fun!!!

Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake Pie. And Hot Spiced Cider.

Impossible to pick just 1 favorite horror…I love them. I’ll thrown in The Conjuring, but I LOVE anything paranormal, spirits, ghosts,and demons.

Hate predictable axe murderer that kills the naked chick that always runs away screaming like a damn whiner. Face him and kick him in the balls damnit, ashamed to call you female…

Oh, anyway, thanks again!


Tobacco of course and the Shining.


Caramel Apple