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ECX Giveaway - Two $25 Gift Cards (Ended)


One more thing:) To celebrate the oncoming Halloween Season lets do a small giveaway!

Name a seasonal flavor profile you enjoy and your favorite scary movie!
Two Winners will recieve a $25 Gift Code from ecigexpress.com
Winner will be chosen via randomizer Friday October 6th

Good Luck!

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I am in…
Spiced Apple Cider

The Shining


Pumpkin Spice

A Nightmare on Elm Street (if ‘favourite’ translates to ‘traumatised’ :laughing:)


Apple Cinnamon

The IT


Sure, why not.

Green Lantern


Something Cinnamon
Fifty Shades of Grey! im so scared my wife will ask me to watch this movie with here :scream:




Still terrifying.


A classic sir!


pumpkin or eggnog , which i have not perfected in vape form but b4 the end of the year i will

scary movie ??? hmmmm im not much of a horror movie person but i think i enjoyed the conjuring and blair witch movie ( when it first came out and the reality was still in question )


I’m not one to focus on seasons when making juice, but I would say an apple somethin.

Movie wise, it is between IT and Nightmare on Elm St because I was young when I watched them all and a movie has never scared me, like it did then :slight_smile:


I have a pumpkin eggnog steeping too. Hope this year’s attempt doesn’t taste like crap. And good luck with yours.


pumpkin eggnog 2 gether??? now your realky trying to make things hard lol vut that sound good


Gotta agree with Daven here…

Spiced Apple Cider
(though it’d be cool to find a really good pumpkin pie recipe)

The Shining


Alienor 814

Scary movie : Alien , terrified me when i was a kid :scream:


Same. One of the best!


Hmm. Profile. Anything with Fuji fa and bread.

Movie. Hmm. Favorite scary movie…nope not really. Maybe one I may re-watch the ring.


I was terrified with gostbusters when i was kid…


Coconut Custard and It.


Name a seasonal flavor profile you enjoy and your favorite scary movie!
Cinnamon Caramel Cream is a favorite and I dont like scary movies so, no favs here.