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ECX Giveaway - Two $40 Giftcards (Ended)


More white choco MF! hehe

Congrats to you both!

And thanks again for the giveaway @ecigexpress.


Forealz! I think I have 3 bottles sitting in my cart.


Well done the both of you, enjoy :yum:


Congrats @VapeyMama and @woftam


Congrats @VapeyMama and @woftam


Congratulations @VapeyMama and @woftam

Thank you ECX


Congratulations @VapeyMama & @woftam :raised_hands:
Thank you for the Awesome Giveaway @ecigexpress :+1:


Congratulations @VapeyMama & @woftam ! Thanks @ecigexpress.


Congrats @VapeyMama and @woftam and thanks to @ecigexpress for the giveaway


Yah congratulations :tada::balloon::champagne: @woftam and @VapeyMama and thx @ecigexpress


Congrats to @VapeyMama and @woftam. :sunglasses: Tnx @ecigexpress for the giveaway!


Congrats @woftam and @VapeyMama, hope ya’ll enjoy the concentrates you buy.


congrats to the winners


Congratulations @VapeyMama & @woftam


Thanks ECX I pulled the trigger on a bunch of flavors I have had in my cart for quite sometime. The $40 coupon is very much appreciated.