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ECX Giveaway - Two $40 Giftcards (Ended)


What is the hands down most terrible flavor you have ever mixed with?

Two Lucky winners will receive $40 dollar gift codes good for any of our products at ecigexpress.com
Winners will be selected via list randomizer (The first two on the list.) on September 1st, 2017
Good Luck and we look forward to hearing your answers! :grin:


Wooo Hooo. Thanks for the chance, and I am in love with the sweet rice, soooo good!!!

Worst Flavor: FA Pandoro…ugh. fermented lemon with a side of clorox :nauseated_face:


Cap creamy yogurt. Ugh. :nauseated_face: It should be called creamy vomit.

Thanks for the giveaway!


:nauseated_face::face_vomiting: creamy vomit lol …gross!


Flavorah crunch cereal has left the worst taste in my mouth , its the one that first came to mind


Too easy!

TFA Kona Coffee


Thanks for the chance!
TFA RY4 Asian…tastes like a Greenhouse or Funeral Home smells…straight up Flowers.


eww flowers and decomposition… not something I would want to vape. ever. LOL!


Metro Man(DIYFS) tasted like fruity hair balls. BLECH. Thanks! That Sweet Rice sounds really interesting…


Sorry in advance…

WHY ON EARTH would anyone taste something a cat puked up?!?? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Consider yourself LUCKY that all they ate was fruit beforehand!! Rotflmao




Sorry in advance…

What’s worse… Fruity hair balls or fruity hairy balls? :thinking:


No contest.

I’d happily taste fruit flavored Rocky Mountain oysters WELL before I’d ever taste a hairball. Lol
/proud ownee of two cats.


You know that’s not what I’m taking about. :wink:


There have been so many over the years, im not sure i can single out just one but one does jump into my brain cell each time i think of this topic. Grenadine (CAP) is the one, perhaps it is partially my fault. Back when i tested this flavoring i used to start my flavor testing in a shot glass with water and i dropped a couple too many drops in it. It tasted like burning and yuck.

Also, nearly anything with BTA to the extent that it can be smelled or tasted.

While we are here, @ecigexpress there are two Lotus flavorings that i use often, Strawberry and Vanilla. Any chance on restocking these?

And thank you for another giveaway. :slight_smile:


2nd that, and adding Dark chocolate!!


Luckily, I have the help of the community and ask around before i step out on my own aside from a mix w/ comments and buy a flavor. I have tried a few bought for mixes that were very floral and singly give me a terrible headache while they are good in a mix, Lychee and pomegrante are tough on me solo but i like red dragon & dragon rojo. Thks for the generous giveaway!


Most horrible flavoring. Hmmmm I have problems with flavorah crunch and rice crispy RF Sc. Burn corn and carboard all the way. Ugggh. Smh


If you’ve ever smelled a hairball, then you pretty much know how it’s going to taste…


I will have to go with Milk (FW). No idea what I was thinking. Thanks for the chance.