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ECX Sweetener vs TFA Sweetener


Hello everyone and/or anyone! I have read conflicting opinions throughout the forums about substituting TFA Sweetener for ECX Sweetener and whether or not to adjust %. Any Insight?


I don’t know much about ECX sweetner but still trying to find time to mix with Nude Nics Monk Fruit.

You don’t use Super Sweet by CAP? I tend to use it most but have been trying TFA sweetner. Haven’t noticed a big difference yet.


I do have some Super Sweet and am actually wanting to compare a recipe using SS, with the same recipe using ECX Sweetener. Which I know that I can just chance it and see what happens - but I thought I would see if anyone knew before I did


I agree with trying. I’ve been trying to spread my wings and try different flavors from different companies. Had a couple good results, but mostly sticking with items I know best.

Have you checked the flavor notes for the sweetness yet. Some notes from each mixers experience is always help ful. I’ll see if I can figure out how to post link to sweetner TFA.


Super Sweet, ECX Sweetener, and TPA Sweetener are all the same thing—sucralose. ECX and TPA are 10% and Cap’s Super Sweet is 20% (I believe). If you’re wanting to sub, just keep in mind that SS is twice as strong.


And worth every clogged up piece of wicking I have to toss in the trash. LOL!


LOL - Preach Sister Girl!


I’m a big ol ugly to max man @MizMeliMel.
However you can call me sister girl. Lol! Just don’t take my sweetener!!!


We just released our Erythritol Sweetener as well :slight_smile:


LOL - I guess I thought it was @JoJo that said “worth every clogged up piece of wicking”! But no worries, because you made me laugh - I won’t take your sweetener.


@MizMeliMel I’m going to try the Nude Nic sweetener Monk Fruit. They swear it doesn’t clog the wicking. We shall see.

Thinking I’m @JoJo is one heck of a complement so thank you for that!


Please let me know (1) what you think of the Nude Nic Sweetener and (2) if it clogs your wicking / gums up your coils.


i believe the sweeteners are all sucralose 10% and ss by cap is 20% as for tfa vs ecx i dont think there is any difference


Just mixed some test tonight. Steeping now.

I did drip one drop of monk fruit straight from the bottle into my drip per, and it’s straight up sweet. Sugar sweet to me not artificial flavor tasting. Two hours later still tasting it when I Vape.


@Ggrhauling The true test is in your coils and/or wicks…how did it do with that?


Day two with this recipe as a SNV http://tjek.nu/r/5D5r
Great sweet taste, no gunk yet. Still happy so far.

Let me know if that link doesn’t work. Never linked to a recipe before.


Have you considered making your own Sucralose based sweetener with PG or VG? There is the pure powder sucralose, which comes in different sizes. The one I found on Amazon is by Wholesale Health Connection - Sucralose Powder 50g (1665 Servings).

A reiewer on amazon said “I used it to make homemade e-liquid sweetener and it only takes adding about 2.5mg per 15ml of p.g. or distilled water as a base. Any more powdered sucralose than that and it becomes very hard to control the sweetness level”.