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Eddie reviews the Suorin Vagon Kit


What’s up Guys, and welcome to another Vape Review By Eddie. In this review we will be taking a look at the Suorin Vagon Kit.

I received this Vagon Kit from a giveaway held by @Heaven_Gifts so in return I will be sharing my thoughts and experience. Although I am grateful and think highly of @Heaven_Gifts, this will not influence my evaluation on the Suorin Vagon Kit. Only my honest opinion! What I received.

I have to be honest, I didn’t get the whole Pod Kit thing. Just thought it was just another gadget people were spending they’re hard earned money on. But I was merely mistaken. When I received my Vagon Kit, I was opened up to a whole new style of vaping. Not only do I get to walk around like a Vape Ninja,

But also with higher Nic Salt, I didn’t vape nearly as much. I was impressed with how well It fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. Slim, subtle but yet durable. Has a little weight to it too. The size is probably the best part Imo. I mean, you put it in your hand and it just disappears.

On top of being stealthy and comfortable, the vape itself is nice. Very smooth! I feel you have to give it a (lack of a better words) warm up puff. The first initial vape doesn’t seem to produce a lot of vapor but after the warm up puff I was getting great vapor and flavor.
Battery life is decent. Lasts most of the day. Charging is a zip and 60 mins on average to fully charge. It also sports a three color led battery indicator light that shows the status of the battery life.

The Suorin Vagon Kit comes with one 2ml refillable cartridge with the resistances of 1.3 - 1.4. Heaven Gifts has the refill cartridges on preorder right now for $10.00 for two cartridges
Which really isn’t that bad considering I’m approaching a month and still on my first cartridge.
So far I have enjoyed the Vagon Kit!
My Pro’s would be:
° Classy smooth finish
° Perfect size and Stealthy
° Decent flavor
° Pocket Clip
My Con’s would be:
° Only came with one Cartridge
° Warm up puff
Would I recommend the Suorin Vagon?
I would, anyone looking for a comfortable stealthy vape that’s durable IMO would surely enjoy it.
A quick thank you to @Heaven_Gifts for the new vape style experience! If you like what you see and would like one of your own, you can pick one up here https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Suorin-Vagon-Starter-Kit.html
And thank you all for taking the time to read another Vape Review By Eddie.
Until next time: :dash: :dash:


Nice one, you’ve pushed me a little further into maybe getting one at some point. :thinking:


Awesome Jose! Great for emergencies :wink: thank you Sister!!


Nicely done Eddie. Having just reviewed the JustFog kit, I was eager to read your review. Very well done.


Good review man. I want a little stealth vape kit but there are so many to choose from and buying pods and stuff would kind of bug me.


Nice review Eddie.

With this blistering hot weather I find myself using pods more and more while driving around town. While not as satisfying or flavorful than my normal setups they sure can give me that fix.


@SessionDrummer thanks brother! Glad you enjoyed the read! I’ll be looking out for your next review :+1:
What’s up @TheTinMan! They’re everywhere man, a lot to choose from.The good thing is that stealthy setup’s are only getting better. Thanks for reading brother!!
@mjag I know what you mean, sometimes I just don’t feel like carrying around my setup. Throw this little guy in my pocket and go! Thanks for reading brother I appreciate it!!