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Low Price! SMOKJOY Cfiber 100W PLUS Mod Just $19.49!

The SMOKJOY Cfiber 100W PLUS Mod has a max wattage of 100W with an OLED indicator light. Press the button for vaping, the OLED light will be on, and the battery will support power to heat the atomizer’s coil. It will turn into sleep mode when you release the button. It will stop working and OLED light will be off after blinking 3 times if you are taking one puff over 10 seconds.
If you wanna get it for lowest price, $19.49 on efun.top!


Look to Check! HCigar VT167 TC Box Mod

The HCigar VT167 TC Box Mod features temperature control for various wires including Ni200, Ti and SS. Not to mention, this device does feature an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold and use!
Price: $95.99!

Evolv DNA250 Chip
Wattage Range: 1W- 167W
Dual 18650 Batteries
Material: Zinc Alloy
Spring loaded pin
510 thread connection
Replaceable Magnetic Cover
Size: 93mm56mm28mm


Where to buy cheap brand item? ON EFUN. TOP!

Hi vapers,
Just as I promised to you guys, I will give you big promotion indefinite time.
Now, please check! I will give you big promotion you cannot image!
Ijoy three tank, special sale now! :smile:
IJOY Captain S Sub Ohm just $18.99
Ijoy Captain RTA just $19.99

Please find which one you love best, don’t let it go!

More big promotion? Please waiting~


Two Joyetech AIO Kit, Which one will be your darling?

hi friends,
What’s up? This is efun.top!
Two Joyetech AIO Kit on efun.top, maybe you will be interested in one of them or both of them, anyway, choose one you like!:sunglasses:

Joyetech EGo AIO ProBox Kit is in stock on efun.top, yes, it is a old stuff, but, the price is absolutely low, just $18.99 ,the performance is high! From my part, I think it is more suitable for man.
It adopts the TFTA (top-filling and top-airflow) system where airflow control and e-liquid filling can be easily achieved by rotating or removing the top part.
Black color you can choose

Then, new stuff is coming` the Joyetech CuBox AIO Kit is more small and bright than Joyetech EGo AIO, but the performance is high, too.
This compact all-in-one unit features an elegant and visually stunning designs, making it one of a kind starter kit. The price is $20.99.
You can have more choice for the item: Black, Silver, Blue, Red,Green.

If you want to buy it from them, which one you will choose,and give me your reason!:yum:


I choose Cubox AIO kit. because , it features built-in 2000mAh battery and tank into one solid unit.Also, I like the coil head it uses.


Waiting for long time Sigelei Fuchai Vcigo K2 KIT $39.99

Hi, vapers,
How about your weekends.
We would like to introduce our new Sigelei item to you, I’m sure you will like it!
Sigelei Fuchai Vcigo K2 Kit features with voltage regulation mod , with a sigelei cubic rda , 2 fire buttons.
You can get it just for $39.99 on efun. top, and there are four colors available: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow

Look the video to know more>>


It’s a nice looking mod


Yes, I hope you will like it.:yum:


what do you mean?


[Discussion]How Much Discount You Wanna Get From Efun.Top?

Hi friends,
I have not seen you guys for three days, I miss you so so much!
Today, I offer you guys for big discount, how much discount you want to get from efun.top? Please tell me? We will give you the low discount that beyonds your imagine! Ok, let’s go!
We give you the low price for vapes:$1.99, $4.99, $9.99, $19.99, $24.99!
Then, $1 off discount for $9.99, $19.99, $24.99, that’s meaning, you can get the items for $8.99, $18.99, $23.99! :face_with_thermometer:
Coupon code: MFEM
Click to know more>>https://www.efun.top/

Cheap item for you!
Justfog Q16 Kit is 100% EU TPD complaint, and contains most of features of Q16 such as smart battery funtions, constant voltage. Just $13.99 can be bought on efun.top

Discuss with us how much discount you wanna?


How Dare You Test Tesla WYE 200W TC VW $59.99

Hi everyone,
Today I will introduce the new stuff for you, which is only sold on efun.top, so please seize the chance to get it!
Tesla WYE 200W TC VW mod is made out of PC and ABS, Polycarbonate and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which gives this extremely little weight. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the WYE Mod features a maximum output of 200W.
Besides, it has these feature:ABS and PC material construction; 510 threading connection;Intuitive OLED display;Oversized firing button, and so on.
Price: $59.99 Color: Black and White available

By the way, another mod is coming soon~~
AIMIDI Cube Mini Ai 100W is an elegant device with a unique cube-style appearance and durable all-metal construction. It can be powered with a 26650 or 18650 cell to reach up to 100W output.
Price: $43.49 Color: Red and White Size: 97mm x 47mm x 32mm


Order Over $69 Get The RDA For Free on Efun.Top!

Knock, knock!
Flash sale on efun.top is coming again.
Today, we will send you RDA for free. If your order is over $69, we will send you WindWalker RDA for free!
WIND walker RDA equips both upper airflow ring & bottom airflow control ring, which makes you can adjust airflow by more ways.
Price: 6.99, for free! Color: Stainless, Black
Please remember to place order with RDA
Coupon Code: DEGR
Click to learn more>>


Must to get a Freemax Conqueror 80W Resin Kit

Freemax Conqueror 80W Resin kit includes a 2ml top filling Firelord and 80W Conqueror box mod. What makes it different is that the whole kit uses resin material.The Firelord tanks also applied resin material to replace regular stainless steel.The Conqueror mod is power by single replaceable 18650 battery.
Price: $69.99 Color: Black,Silver


Believe it or not, You Should Have These Four Tanks!

Hi friends,
Four tanks for you, hoping you like them!
First>>the latest mouth-to-lung tank atomizer
Berserker MTL RTA is the latest mouth-to-lung tank atomizer from Vandy Vape. It features 24mm diameter, changeable capacity from 2.0ml to 4.5ml, multiple sizes of airholes, etc. The airholes comes with 5 sizes, 0.1mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, and 1.6mm, making it possible to experience a real cigarette tightening.
Price: $24.49 Color: Silver, Black

Then Please Check out other three tank, I believe you will like it>
Modvapa Sub Ohm Tank Panda Kin for $31.99. Color: Black and Silver
GODRIA BOLT RDA for $29.99. Color: Black and Silver
DEJAVU RDTA - 2ml for $37.49. Color: Silver


Three Differences Between Mini Minikin, Last One You Never Thought of

Hi, vpers,
I will introduce the differences between AsMODus Mini Minikin 50W Complete Kit & AsMODus Minikin V2 180W, except for shape, size, and price, they have more differences, today, I will give you three differences, following me.

1, Mini Minikin 50W Complete Kit is a full kit includes Minikin Mini 50W, Ohmlette Sub Ohm Tank, and an Efest 18500 sized battery are all included.
AsMODus Minikin V2 180W is Dual 18650 High-Drain Battery - Not Included, mod. Technology Similar To Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR).

2, AsMODus Mini Minikin 50W’s Ohmlette features two different coil options, 0.4&0.8ohm coil.
AsMODus Minikin V2 180W is Touch Screen-1 Inch Display. It has High&Low Voltage Warning.

3, It’s your turns, tell us the difference between the two items.:muscle:


Someone Say It is The Most Influential Product of Digiflavor

Hi, vapers,
It is efun.top, today, I will introduce Digiflavor new stuff to you guys, someone say it is a new try for digiflavor, why? Please check>>
Digiflavor Siren 2 MTL GTA Tank is a GTA specially made for MTL (mouth to lung) vaping, which provides a closer sensation to smoking cigars and conventional cigarettes. Highly recommended as one of the best MTL atomizers by the vaping community, the Siren has been upgraded to provide a more precise MTL experience.
Please remember login to get it for $22.99

Chamber closer to drip tip provides intense flavor
9 airflow adjustment options for the perfect restriction
Upgraded build deck compatible with larger coils and makes building easier
Drip tip height:20mm
Outside Diameter:22mm


So cheap?Impossibility? Vaporesso Swag MOD Just $26.99
Vaporesso Swag MOD comes with the modernly designed swag mod and the NRG SE Tank. Vaporesso Swag mod adopted IML technology. Powered by single 18650 battery and up to 80W. Upgradable Omni 2.0 chip, features 2A fast charging, and support VT, TC, VW, Smart modes.
Price: $26.99 on efun.top

Mod Size:75mm x 48mm x 25mm
Suitable Atomizer: 0.05 - 5 ohm
Power Range:5-80W
Voltage Range: 0-8.5V
Temperature Range: 100℃-315℃/200F-600F


Main New Vapes Inventory You should Know in August

Hi vapes,
So fast, August just left three days. Let’s take a look at the excellent products that are worth buying in August!
1,The strongest finished product, SMOK TFV12 (Believe it nor not, it doesn’t burn when the wattage is more than 350w)

As the latest representative of SMOK, TFV12’s supporting facilities are full. In addition to a variety of finished coil, it also comes with two RBA, which tastes so nice. All in all, it is a good atomizer!

2,Young style Tesla WYE 200W TC (Super light and nice)

Produced by engineering plastics, the mod is super light even it come with two batteries. The texture of the skin is excellent. From my part, the color is very fashion and zipper design is personalized. In terms of performance,the maximum output of 200W can meet the needs of most vapers.

3, Taste wonderful Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA (WOTOFO is so crazy about making single RTA)

It has 4ml oil reserves in a very small volume. The new electrode column+the intake structure, +the appropriate size of the atomization bin make the atomizer has excellent coil adaptability.

4,Deformation just in one second, Augvape Merlin Mini RTA(New direction between Drip and Tank)

When you have the Merlin miniRTA and Merlin mini dripping armor, this means that you have four different performance atomizers, no doubt this is a very high cost-effective choice.
Simple replacement operation, excellent taste of smoke performance, very low price, these features can almost make this atomizer become the first choice for new vapers.

Finally, I hope that every vaper can use the most cost-effective to buy your favorite vapes, I wish you all can enjoy vapes on efun.top, thank you, guys!


SECKILL, Frist Check Out, Frist Win! 29th~31th August

Hi everybody, please pay attention to check it!
There is a flash sale on efun.top on GTM+8 9:00am, 29th~31th August. You need to join us and win the big prize!

Check out>>
GTM+8 9:00am, 29th August
Sense Cyclone Sub-Ohm, Price: $0.99 Coupon Code: SK1
Perseus 150W TC, Price: $9.99 Coupon Code: SK2

Besides, special deal today>>
50W SMOK H-PRIV Mini Kit-$24.99


Play Funny Game! The Funny Name of Vapes!

Hi everyone,
Let’s play a funny game, we know there are a lot of vapes with funny name on efun.top. Do you remember that? Could you please tell me the name, and why it is so funny.
My first>>
Hellvape Dead Rabbit, the name is so evil and funny, actually I more like living rabbit.>>
Hellvape Dead Rabbit 24mm RDA is capable of running both single and dual coil options and each terminal has side mounted hex flathead screws, which are both included. Airflow enters the RDA via top side diagonal adjustable airflow which focuses on flavor and minimizes leaking. Please remember to get it just for $18.49 on efun.top!

Please tell me your idea, thank you very much~~