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Egg-ish flavoring? Help!


I am actually looking for a scrambled egg flavor. Do you think this omelette effect would pass muster?


Just a shot in the dark here- I bought FW Tres Leches for a Tres leches recipe but it missed the mark by a mile. I remember it having a strange egg-like taste and texture which wasn’t what I was after, but may be right up your alley.


Yes, possibly, though it will probably taste a bit over cooked (and sweet of course.) I’ve just revisited my testers, which are now over 6 months old. I have RF Souffle at 2% and OOO Custard at 5%. The custard seems a bit stronger at these concentrations and the egg rides over everything. The Souffle has the egg a bit more incorporated in the cream, though I feel it may have steeped out a bit more than in the custard. I remember it being pungent as hell when I first mixed it.