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Ego aio question


The other coils are made for the Cubis Tanks and the Cuboid Mini Tank. The lowest coil that works with the AIO is the 0.5 ohm.


But some shop sell them… :crazy_face:


O.K. But some shop in denmark sell them… :crazy_face:


Probably, some shops sell MechMods to people with no experience at all. It doesn’t mean it’ll work out.


It’s a troll hun


OMG, you mean one of those?



Yes ma’am, this is the only thread they have anything to do with.


Yes, and it’s so annoying :rage:


Ohhh! a cetain poster in this thread was just sounding off about his own proprietary concentrates on a thread about MF. Completely derailed the thread, and got his post -complere with link to his shop - deleted by a mod. Guess who?
Here’s some info from his profile:

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