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Ego aio question


I have the ego aio and have a quick question. It comes with a .6ohm coil, and that’s what’s recommended for it, but I was wondering if I could use the 1.ohm coil that’s available, and what to expect if I do . My concern is that I don’t know what wattage the ego fires at and if the wattage is to high for the 1. ohm, It says it’s a 1500 mAh Battery. I really don’t understand the ohm’s law at all (obviously) .


I should of mentioned that I vape mouth to lung and don’t care for the hard hit that the .6 gives. I also just notice that they have a clapton 1.5ohm available, and that might be even better than the 1.ohm I was asking about, but again, I don’t know how well it would work in the ego aio.


Can you post a link to the ego aio please.


[quote=“Grubby, post:4, topic:81977, full:true”]
the lower the ohm the quicker the ramp up (coil heats)[/quote]

That’s not exactly true…maybe you meant something else. Resistance does affect your ramp up time, but so does coil mass. Keep in mind that resistance wire transfers electrical energy to thermal energy. Picture two coils with the same inner diameter, and the same width, but one is 24g wire, and the other is 26g wire. The 26g coil will naturally have more wraps, and will also have more resistance. More resistance = more heat. Also, because the 26g coil will have a smaller mass than the 24g wire, given the same power setting (say 40W), it will heat faster than the 24g wire.

This is why the super low builds (i.e. the .15 ohm, etc) need big power (100W, 150W) - to A) generate enough heat in the coil, and B) Overcome the ramp-up that large gauge (20g, 18g, etc) wire has.

As to the OP, since these are pre-built coil heads you don’t really have control over the wire gauge, but you can generally assume that since the coil heads all have the same form factor, the higher resistance coils have a combination of more wraps/smaller gauge. They generally should heat up quicker and hotter, so you’ll need to adjust your power setting to avoid dry hits. The exception would the Clapton Coil. The outer wrap doesn’t really affect the coil resistance, but it does affect the coil mass - and ramp up. So you’d still need decent power to get that baby going.


Thanks for the explanation however the ego aio doesn’t have a variable wattage. I can’t find any information that states what the set wattage is. And, because it currently is set up for a .6ohm coil I would assume it would be somewhere in the 15-30 watt range. Whereas the 1.5 would use 8-20 watts. Maybe a 1ohm would be somewhere in the middle and would work.


I’ll have to read up on that device in order to give you a better answer. If it is just a “fixed” voltage, then your “power” will, by definition, decrease as your coil resistance increases, which should keep things more or less balanced as far as ramp-up and avoiding dry hits. One would think the company considered these things when deciding what coil builds to make available. With the higher resistance coils, you should notice a little better battery life, as long as there isn’t any other weird stuff going on in the electronics. By the way, I put fixed voltage in quotes, because as your battery drains, the battery voltage decreases.

As to what to expect with the 1.0 ohm coil - maybe a bit more flavor, a little less clouds, possibly a bit warmer.

As for wattage - wattage is dependent on the battery voltage and the resistance, so as I mentioned if the voltage doesn’t adjust (other than draining), the 1 ohm coil will yield a lower wattage from the same battery (and draw less current as well). In other words - nothing worry about safety-wise.


So, the .6 ohm coil with a 3.5V battery would be making 20.42W. The 1 ohm coil would make 12.25W.


I use the Ego AIO with the 1.5 Clapton Coil when I want to vape a menthol flavor. It is a really nice vape. Great flavor. The draw is tighter than the 0.6 but is still a loose Mouth to Lung. I prefer it over the 1.0 Coil.


Seems you should be able to use any of these coils with the AIO.
I just use the 0.6 coils, but I’m sure the others would work fine.


Joyetech eGo AIO 0,6Ω SS316 • 1,0Ω SS316 • 1,5Ω Clapton, these are the three options given for AIO coils.
The wattage will adjust according to the coils you’re using.


I guess I wasn’t aware that the battery could change wattage. I thought it was more like a mod, and the wattage was set by joytech and I couldn’t understand how all the different coils could work. Thanks again


This is exactly what I wanted to know. Why only menthol? Does the 1.5 dull the flavor or make it stronger? Do you think the 1.5 last longer than the .6? Sorry about all the questions.


Thanks Alisa. BTW I’m enjoying your bust a nut juice right now, it’s so good. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes.


If you like her Bust-a-Nut…definitely try her Hazelnut Cake.
Both are ADV’s for me, in multiple tanks/attys and coil builds…for a very long time now.
I mostly make these two in 8oz batches, sometimes 2oz…but always have at least 4 large bottles aging.
These are from last Friday night/Saturday morning…ready to go into the aging closet.


The battery doesn’t change wattage. You have a flawed impression of what wattage is. Don’t feel bad, though, it’s quite common. Watts is how we measure power. Power is Voltage squared divided by Resistance. So, the battery’s 3.5v, squared and divided by the .6 ohm coil resistance = 20.4166 Watts. In short, wattage or power is what you get from the combination of battery voltage and coil resistance.


I am normally a direct to lung vaper with RTA’s and RDA’s. I dont like vaping menthol dtl so I use the AIO for a nice mtl menthol vape. Reminds me of the days when I smoked my Kool Menthols.

The 1.5 has great flavor with any liquid I put through it. I cant really say if it lasts longer than the 0.6 because I just dont us the AIO all that much.


You can (I think) use any of the Joyetech BF coils, as the Ohms go up it is a tighter draw, I would suggest buying 1 each of the 1ohm and the 1.5 ohm coils and try them both. expect a tighter draw from the 1.5 ohm Clapton http://www.joyetech.com/product/bf-clapton-1-5ohm/ so better for MTL, and it will work fine in the AIO.


I’ve tried using the 1 Ohm as well as the o.6. I don’t know much about the mechanics or the power conversion ratio but I’ve noticed that with higher resistance coil, the battery runs for longer when you chain vape than with the lower one. But, the flavor of the lower 0.6 coil, is better. So, I alternate. Hope this helps.


Joyetech Ego AIO, as there are some confusion about which coils to use because some stores also sell coils with 0, 2, 0, 5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 ohms, and Joyetech only writes this 0.6 coils to Ego AIO on their website.

The other colis maybe work, but since your Ego AIO from Joyetech is set to a specific current, you can be sure that our 0.6 Ω coils will work optimally!


The 0.2 I have never heard of and it won’t work in the AIO. The notch coil is 0.25 and is not compatible with the AIO so your options start from 0.5 and up. Never heard of a 2.0 coil either, I thought they didn’t go higher than 1.5.