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EightVape LV, NV


OK fellow vape enthusiasts, who has shopped here and how was your overall shopping experience? I stumbled upon them yesterday and have been bouncing around their site off and on since I discovered them. They seem pretty up and up, but I just need someone to hold my hand and tell me it’s OK to shop there


I’ve only used them once. From NV to NC was 4 days. The product I ordered is still in use.


its the first place i look when i want to buy something , they have done right by me , im sure like all companies you will find someone who has had an issue


How long did it take them to ship the product? If still in use then I assume it was authentic no cheap knock offs or clones. When did you discover them?


Oh yeah, I’m sure, but I always prefer to get a couple good reviews about them before I just dive and get screwed, we all know there are plenty underhanded fly by nights out there. How long you been shopping there?


had have to say my first purchase was a year ago apprx , i used to shop at VapeNW exclusively then i would compare between these two EV vs VNW, then vnw had that fire and eightvape won my business since


I placed my order and got it in 4 days


VaporBeast was my go to for years then all of a sudden it magically changed from a family business to (for lack of a better term) the big box vaping store and the personal shopping feeling was gone. Since then I’ve shopped a lot at Element vape. I’ll give Eight a try.

Thanks for the input


NP check in to the site often sometimes they have crazy deals with older mods like the Kbox200 for 15 bucks its usually older stuff but if you dont do TC like i dont a mod like the Kbox200 for less than 20 is great


I have ordered from EightVape several times in the last three months. Product has been shipped quickly and I have received the order in 3-5 days, depending on USPS. They are one of the vendors I trust.


:arrow_heading_up::arrow_heading_up:What this person said.


I thank all of you for your input. I ordered an IPV 8 yesterday from them. You know how you can tell if you are getting old? You become a grouchy old fart when it comes to things changing. I used to always look forward to the next, latest, greatest anything. Now just leave it alone if it aint broke don’t fix it. And the reason you had to listen to all that drivel is that it seems my favorite/go to vape dealers are growing and changing {{get’s off soap box looks around and stashes safely away for the next time needs to rant}}


Hey TM, aren’t you on the east coast more or less?