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Eleaf istick 100w tc


True - just scared me a little - I will try it again - just happy at the moment with my Kanger sub tank and 1.2 kanthel coil and my tc40w :yum: and saving lots of money making my own juice


Pattie: I just pulled the trigger on a black one. I gave my never used Koopor mini to a friend of mine to get him started, and 100ml of different juice of 15mg, 12mg, 8mg and 3mg. He ordered himself a charger, crown tank and some spare coils.

I didn't understand what you where saying about the vape band.


TC is all I use now. And I didn't know the first thing about it.


Thats good to hear bud. I'm pleased with mine, just got the ipv5 and I've used the istick since i got it lol
The vape band was just a joke bud, that was a good price weather you got a freebie or not, you can't beat a good vape band. Saved a tank or two for me.
That was good of you to get someone else on the right path. Done it myself with a friend that couldn't afford to get started with some decent kit. Gave him a crown tank 9 .25 coils and 120ml of liquid.
He bought the e vic mini himself.


Dang 9 coils that cool. I wish someone would give me some coils, I love the Crown tanks.


There's two guys at work that I got started vaping. I've offered several times to make them some juice at my cost so they dont have to buy from the vape store at rediculous prices and they keep turning me down. There loss!!


And he still had the 0.5 and ni0.15 coil that came with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Got him started though, now he's down every week for juice ha, which in turn keeps me busy.
Thats there loss with the juice mate, they think there on to a good thing. Wait untill they wake up. :wink:


My Istick TC 100w shipped with in 30 minutes. :grinning:


That was quick. You'll be pleased with i think. I'm vapeing on mine as i type.
I've got an odd battery lying around so if my batts run out i can just use the odd one until there charged. Sweet.


Got mine this morning with some free stickers and a vape band. 1 1/2 days shipping. :grinning:


Sweet, that was quick. :ok_hand:
Let's know your thoughts when your ready. Enjoy bro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash::dash:


The fit and finish is far better than any other Istick I own, still has that feeling of slipping out of my hand but not as much as the others. Has no button rattle or noise of any kind, witch is a nice depart from past Eleaf products.
The trigger button is real nice and love that it can be locked as well as the setting's can be locked. Feels good in the hand. I did notice a small scratch on one of the covers but I could of done that when I was playing with it.
This thing hits like a mule and I think I'm going to be very happy with it. It also has the static cling plastic over the screen.
I've seen on youtube that it uses the same chip as the Vtc mini and the cubiod, there made by the same company so that would make sense.
Shut it off and click it 20 times and it will tell you what version you have just like the Cubiod and the VTC mini. Shut it off and hold the fire and down button for battery volt.


Glad your pleased with it mate. Thats why i said they must of listened to everyone that complained because I couldn't find fault with it. They have improved drastically compared to the previous ones.
I think mine will be the workhorse because literally I haven't used any other since i got it. Got the CRIVS in black on mine and it's a dream.
I know about the 20 clicks etc , thats why i had a feeling it was the joyetech chip. Should be good then. All my other joyetech's are running sweet. :ok_hand:
You done the update yet? Took seconds. :yum:


No haven't done the update yet.
One other thing I forgot to mention is the way you set the wattage in temp control sucks, but I knew that going in. Hopefully the next upgrade will address that.


Yeah forgot to mention that. But it's no biggie. :yum:


I loved my 100w until my nautilus tank leaked inside destroying it. First and only mod that every fired on me. Left it to dry out for a month then put batteries in it... obviously it didn't dry out LOL


Sorry to heat that michelle, it happens. :tired_face:
You'll probably like the tc version then. Just updated mine to 120w today. Works a treat.
Definitely recommend for a work/out and about mod. Cheap enough too. :yum:


I like the option of using either 1 or 2 batteries. I read they suggest a 30A batt
Just for FYI I found this video:


Never even heared of that problem. It is serious that. Faulty board mabey? Looks that way. Something internally wrong with that one. Back to where he got it for a replacement.
Mines working fine (touch wood) , but thats the first I've seen of that @ozo.


I'm going to order one of these anyway.......
I don't get scared from a review or two, but I thought it noteworthy [video] because it wasn't just words.