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Eleaf istick 100w tc


That's scary that it would switch from one button to another. My first thought is a faulty control board. I've had 4 isticks including the TC and never had a problem with any of them. I have the RX200, Cuboid and the istick 100tc and I find myself using the istick more than the others because of slim fit in the pocket (it doesn't lower my pants like the RX) and longer battery life than the Cuboid. I guess as with anything electronic, you're bound to get a bad one every now and then.


That's definitely true. That would definitely be a bad day if that happened in your pocket. Thankfully nothing happened.


When the 50w iStick first came out there was a tonne of faulty ones about, including the one I bought. With mine, the LCD just completely blanked out, for no reason. I only had it a week. I took it back and exchanged for the IPV mini 2, didn't want to chance another. When I'd looked up the fault, i found loads of people experienced same. The reason was apparently that they could barely keep up with demand, so the units, being mass produced, were sped up on the production line. Which is never a good thing, there will be faults, and the more they rush, the more faults will get through QC. That all changed as they improved production and began to keep up with the demand.

The above video looks more a rare incident though, not heard any other complaints about the 100w TC, most popular reviewers seemed to love it. That guy was just unlucky.


This is my first istick but from what every other istick owner I've spoken to said this latest model is the best for fit and finish so far. So they must of listening to everyone that complained about the previous models.


Yeah the Pico is really solid too, and well finished. Thankfully not a fingerprint magnet, hate overly shiney devices like that, constant cleaning! eurgh :smiley:


Theres a 200w tc istick due out soon.


What gauge Ti wire? Dual coils?......Number of wraps? ....Ohm build?....Atty?.....What Temp?.........I just got the VTC Mini 75 watt....New to this TC thing, but would love to experiment with your Best flavor set up....Also have Aromamizer RDTA ....Boreas, Lemo Drop....Goblin Mini.....Kayfun Mini V3........Got any suggestions?

Sorry about the inquisition style of questions.....just looking to learn and ideas......


I hear inquisition and my brain immediately thinks of this. Sorry :laughing:


Sorry to hear that bro! Thats a cpl now I've heard of doing that now. Bad board by the sounds of it.


For the evic mini I don't really build that low with it only being a single 18650, my Boreas, billow v3 ,supreme and aromamizer'ers i use a 22g ti build at 0.08 ohm's, 2.5ID 6/7 wraps but I don't fire that with the mini, i use a dna or ipv mod or my rx200.
I use my ubertoot, billow v2, lemo drop and my drippers on my mini. Typical build in the tanks are a 24g ti 2.5-3.0ID normaly about .25 ohm and set that to 55-65w 460f and get a really nice vape. I tend to use my evic mini in the mornings for my mtl vapes before i hit the big guns.
Best flavour set up for my mini is my ubertoot with a 3.0mm ID 24g ti sitting at 0.25 ohm. Great little set up. :ok_hand:
Anything else gis a shout. :yum:


What happened to your Istick 100 TC ?


Just like the video above. Last week sometimes when i sqeeze the fire button it wouldnt so id have to sqeeze a few times to get it to fire. Then it stopped firing. I tried to adjust the settings to see if it was just doing it in tc mode and thats when it started firing and kept firing until i took the tank off. The next step if that didnt work was to take out the batteries. It burnt up the coil i had on it.


Wow sorry to here that. I have one but have only used it 3 or 4 times and put it away.


Its all good. I enjoyed it. Outside of the issue. It was my favorite to date


Mine just took a dump as well. For some reason, the board thinks the "down" button has been activated. I took it apart (that 510 connector is very poorly mounted) and cleaned the board and buttons with some QD Electronic Parts Cleaner and it worked for 1/2 a day and then started up again. It's a shame because I really liked this thing.
I won't buy another.


Sorry to hear that brother :scream:
Seems like eleaf hasn't really stepped up to the mark with these units either.
This was my first purchase of an istick and i can definitely say it will be my last. I passed mine on to another mate to get him started, so far no complaints from him, but mine worked ok while i had it.
I've heard of a few more with the same terminal illness,so not good. There's definitely an underlying fault inherent with these units.
I'm glad i found the dna chip! :sunglasses:


Is your istick still working? I’m asking cause I bought one as an “emergency” couple of days ago. All my three mods died within a couple of months. Smok Alien, IPV5 and Lost Vape Therion 166. None of them lasted more than 7 months which I consider bad. No falls or moisture exposure. I use nitcore to charge. I usually don’t even go higuer than 80 watts. I take care of them. From my pocket or shelf to my hand. I bought the istick on a local store while I look others and order on the web. However Im strugling to buy expensive mods again if it will only last months.

Does anyone know about reliable mods that could last?


That is an excellent question and the perfect forum to ask in. Most reviews of devices come after days or weeks of use but almost none after months of punishment by Joe the plumber, not you @Cutlass92 in particular. I know very well of some eleaf products that get the shit kicked outta them everyday and work 100% for years but with that there are always lemons when QC lacks.


I’m rough on my stuff, it goes everywhere with me, I can tell you in my experience eleaf makes some tough stuff and smok makes junk.


Sorry man, not had one for a cpl of years now. Gave it away to a friend who’s since stopped vaping.