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Eleaf istick 100w tc


Unfortunately, with Isticks, it’s really a roll of the dice. I’ve had a 50w that is working perfectly almost three years after purchase despite a ton of problems with this model. My 100w Istick is still kicking after two years and my first 100w TC started acting erratically after two months and was eventually replaced. The replacement is sitting in a box until the day comes when I need it.
ISticks were notorious for being flaky but if you were lucky enough to get a good one, chances are you’ll be using it for a couple of years.
If you want to upgrade to a decent affordable mod, I’d recommend a Cuboid 150 and download the Arctic Fox firmware for it (Free). It makes a world of difference. If I remember correctly, the 100w TC can be flashed with Arctic Fox as well.


I had the 100W TC and never really bonded with it. My first impression was that it felt cheep in the hand. That’s perception only nothing to support it being flimsy. The next thing was the width of the unit. If I remember correctly it would only fit 22mm flush. Then one day I dropped it off a side table and one of the flanges/battery connectors on the bottom bent up. Never was quite the same. After a couple of months the mechanical locking button/switch quit locking the device. It sat on the shelf a lot for the few months I had it. I gave it to a friend to try. I tried TC on it and was unable to get it to work correctly. Never made rotation.