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ELR Interactive Tutorials Get "Certified" & "Licensed"!


You guys are apparently tryin to make up for other short commings :laughing:


You all are just friggin hilarious! I thought there may be some tangible benefit to the badges. Now I see it’s just fuel for misplaced vanity :laughing: [quote=“Viscosity, post:17, topic:150374”]
makes me better than you :rofl::rofl:

I just compared mine and your badges. I’ll try to coast a while and let you catch up. But you got your work cut out for you!! :slight_smile:


Well hopefully @daath will give me the new mixer badge and then I’ll be one step closer to being badge king :joy::joy:


My vanity level has just risen by the Certified and Licensed badges. The force is with me.


thanks :blush:


glad this helped @GPC2012 XD


Even after being here for over a year I was reminded of simple things that can do but have avoided because the damned old brain forgot a step. Was or rather is a great tool.


More people need to do it. I think it should be mandatory that it be done sometime in the year or the user’s status goes to read only until it’s completed. An email can be sent and limited access granted for the user to complete it. Doesn’t take that long to do them.


got_mine See!

Got so much fun while I chat with @discobot
and feeding ::herb:

Got my certificate too. What now? Guess now back to ask silly questions to siri. I’m so lonely!



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Hey you are back. Do you want to watch Ozak with me?


Seriously now @Viscosity nice post. Thanks.


thanks :smiley: glad it could be of some use


Yeah thats a really good idea :smiley:


With me it was just the other way around :laughing:


I tried again not long ago and the bot was nice this time :grin:


Thank you simple and to the point well done and thank you i am now certified advanced after 10days lol