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ELR Interactive Tutorials Get "Certified" & "Licensed"!


I recently noticed that there are two fantastic interactive tutorials for ELR that barely anyone seems to know about. If your new to the forums these tutorials are a great what to learn how to do cool stuff like polls. It is simple to do just a little strange so I thought I would make a video on how you use these awesome tools. (new member of the month @daath ?!? haha just messing :stuck_out_tongue: )

Full disclosure this video was created by me.

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oh and a big thanks to Lumentum for telling me how to do this! :slight_smile:

[REQ] Spider Sauce by Nimbus Vapour
Would like to post a Guide but Markdown, HTML has me stumped

Oh wow. This is new to me! Very awesome tutorial! Thank you for this! I like anything with accolades.


thanks @Leilani ! Appreciate the reply :slight_smile: (I secretly don’t even mix, just on here for the badges :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: )


Mean ole bot would never give me the Certified badge but did give me the Licensed one… go figure :slight_smile:


aww no @mstokens :frowning: what part did it get stuck on??


I have no clue what happened… did all steps and no badge ever appeared. Guess I’ll have to settle for just being Licensed


Aww :frowning: but what about your certificate ? :laughing::joy:


I’ll just have to settle for this… it’ll be impressive on my resume… lol :slight_smile:


hahahaha, now go get it framed :stuck_out_tongue:


heheh I like it :slight_smile:


Worthy of being pinned at the top, imo. If a bot can teach folks how to properly navigate and use the forum… I’m all for it. :wink:

…just remove the part about making polls. :smirk:


Maybe add a part about search.

I don’t mind the polls they could save a bunch of which is a better flavour questions :grinning:


thanks @daath , I was concerned that posting this might have breached the community guidelines in some way, :slight_smile: and I agree with @woftam about using the polls for flavours, or even what vendors should give away or what mods people should buy. I just think that theres alot of features most people don’t use because they aren’t aware they exist, hopefully this has addressed that. I would like to make more tutorial videos on ELR if thats ok with @daath ?


It’s fine by me :smiley:


What does that do for you?


This is all I get


@daath awesome :slight_smile: , @SthrnMixer makes me better than you :rofl::rofl: ,and @Joel5 Thats mint hahahaha!! :smiley:


just on here for the badges kind of made me laugh because it reminded me of what we use to call PE All Stars these were guys who in gym class gave it their all and were super competitive but couldnt get off the bench in real games lol , btw thats not a jab at viscosity just what the statement reminded me of for some weird reason


What!!! You mean you don’t make embroidered replicas of all your ELR Badges and proudly boast of them when you hit the vape shops in your ELR uniform? Of course… my sash is black… but, me and my buddy here get Ooooohs and Ahhhhhs! We are the toast and envy of the vape meet! :rofl:

Or when I’m in a bit of a darker mood, I don the old Klingon personality and outfit, complete with ELR badge baldric of course, and dare anyone to say shit to me! A fifth of blood wine can really summon up some ass whooping attitude! :japanese_ogre:


Hahahaha :smiley: this made me laugh so hard! No I actually have a blanket :expressionless: