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ELR recognizes it's supporters


I clicked onto ELR today and noticed something I hadn’t seen before… My Supporters Badge. If you haven’t offered a donation to @daath maybe you should. I know he works hard to keep this thing going and IMO his efforts should be rewarded.

I just want to say thanks to @daath for providing a platform for the greatest group of vapers on the planet!

When clicking on your badge it will take you to your recipes page.


Just noticed the same thing late last night but never clicked on it. @daath created a great place for sure packed with knowledge, experience and fine folks. I try to donate monthly in appreciation for what he created and because his site maintenance fees can’t be cheap. Thanks for the post!


Just as a thought @daath it might be an idea to put that badge on our side profiles, it could entice others to do the same?


Thanks for the reminder bro, I always thought it could only be done through Visa or Bit coin( I don’t have either) but Paypal is also included under bank :+1:


I agree, the more visibility could create more awareness, and demand. :sunglasses:


How do you get a supporter badge
I have donated a few times via paypal and Patreon. Just wondering???



Oh… Lol
I didnt see it in my badges list. Im not real savy with navagating the fourm


I think that badge is just on the recipe side.