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ELR suffers from an outage while DigitalOcean does backup


Thanks, man! I appreciate it :slight_smile: Sent a thank you note and removed the ads for you :smile:


good reminder…i will do the same. this site is amazing…the info here and the way it’s set up is priceless…and makes DIY a lot less challenging! being without it for even a short time has made me realize just how much i rely on it…


eek! glad you declined! THANK YOU for ALL you do :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I was jonesin’ man - JONESIN’!


Yeah, super happy it’s back. Just made myself some orange creamsicle!!!


Thanks for getting ELR back up and running! I don’t know how everyone else feels but from someone who has been mixing for olny a few months the ELR site is as important to my e-Liquid as vg or flavoring!!! I don’t know what it takes to run a website but I’m sure it isn’t easy! So for those who do what ever it is that make it possible … Thank you!


I can’t find the donate icon on my ELR page. Where do I go to make that happen? Is it possible to set up like a small monthly donation instead of going through the whole process each time?


Go to the regular ELR site. The donate link is easy to find there. Also, there’s a checkbox to make a recurring donation, just like you were talking about.


If you have recently donated does it remove the donate tab…I am probably blind but I don’t see it!


Bottom of the page, left hand side says…

“Donate to remove ads and keep e-liquid-recipes.com running”

(make sure you are on the recipe site, not the forum)


Any way to export our recipes in xml or any other file format?


Bottom of “My page” :smile:

Not yet, but it will come - XML, CSV and a few other formats will be offered…


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