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ELR suffers from an outage while DigitalOcean does backup


DigitalOcean thought it was a great time to do a system backup :confused: While it’s backing up critical parts of the system, the site becomes unavailable. It has taken WAY longer than usual :frowning:

This is not the first time. I will have to turn backups off, and figure out a way to do backups another way…


I have been trying to get my ELR page to open all day… Has anyone else been having these issues? I don’t known how to make anyone aware of this other than on here!


Yes a couple of us have noted it as well. :frowning:


same here I’ve been trying all day?


Me too. I figured it was just being updated. @daath???


Has any of the administrators posted about the problem or maybe just acknowledged the problem?


No clue @Cc9fingers. I’m sure someone is aware by now.


yes…i am completely LOST without my recipe calculations page!!! hope it’s back up n running soooon :sob:


Noone hope this more than I - I am a ball of the purest frustration right now. DigitalOcean offered to cancel the backup, but warned me that the server could suffer data corruption, so I declined.

As soon as it is back up again, I will cancel automatic backups. I have to find a new backup strategy - this is completely unacceptable! :rage:


Lars I have every confidence you always have your subscribers’ best interest a priority. I offer to help any way I can.


Thanks, man. Unfortunately all we can do is wait. Then I disable backups, and set something else up. I’m working on a new backup strategy now, that hopefully won’t ruin me ;D hehe


Thanks buddy. When we’re back up I will make copies of my recipes and urge others to do the same. Anything could happen so with the amount of work we all put into creating we should all be keeping personal backups. I’m guilty of not doing that nearly enough.


Thanks for all you do, Lars. WE can be patient. :slight_smile:


Service has been restored! Backups disabled! Working on a new backup strategy :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. I would be willing to help if I could. I have no idea how your system is setup though, so maybe a later time we can talk about how you’re running the site and want to perform backups. I’m fairly keen on servers and running backups. I’m a military guy that ran servers at a few of my camps. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

I love this site and I’m actually hurting when it goes away :frowning:


Thanks man :slight_smile: I will be backing up directly to Amazon S3-storage from now on. Currently writing the scripts… I should sleep soon as well :stuck_out_tongue: It’s 3:28 am here!


OK. Good luck. I hope to see the site up soon :smile:


It’s up now :smile:


WOOHOO!!! I can get back to mixing. I’m very happy, as you can tell.


Finally donated. Figured it was time. I love this site :smile: