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#2 Tell us the pod systems you knew and where do you get to know it/them

heard for few from the online shops


#3 I guess all sorts of ejuice would be fine in PODs


#1 I just wanted to quit for economy reasons, well I now spend more than I spend on traditional ciggaretes :rofl:
At least I don’t smell like an ash tray no more.


#2 I never saw any pod kits :frowning:


I think some Halo Tribeca or variant will be fit good for someone that wants to quit cigarettes :slight_smile:


I use usualy 80% of VG liquid. And I doubt if it will be optimal for EGO eCo


@MysticRose @Laberythm @fawn check out this giveaway guys!

  1. In 2008 I was in the best condition of my life, I was was working for a company called Good Shephard Hospice. My job was to take care of those (adults & children) that at the time were Terminal. I was to make them as comfortable as humanly possible as most (sadly) were actively dying. And I loved my patients and families. We would laugh,cry & try my best to comfort them. To make a short story. One morning before work I was at the gym, doing my morning workout before work. And felt a stabbing ,burning knife like pain in my right calf. Bad enough to were I couldn’t walk. Took it pretty serious, made a Dr appointment had some tests done Doppler,sonagrams etc. Come to find out I had a blood clot DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) along with many other circulation issues. Spent lots of time in the hospital, was put on blood thinners. Fast forward 2011, I was able to work in a light duty atmosphere. I was using a cane, then went into a wheelchair ( just to make getting around a bit easier) then a walker, then finally back to a cane. All this between 2011-2015. All this time from 2008 I was advised by many Drs to not just quit smoking but to STOP smoking. I tried,and tried my first go to was at a flea market, saw a guy hitting on this little black thingy and blowing out huge puffs of clouds ( bigger clouds than a cigar or pipe) so curiosity, I walked over to see what these contraptions were, he went thru his pitch. Did a demo dripping this juice on to a cartridge. I figured what the heck, let me get one and a bottle of that 24 mg. Newport juice. I quit for a couple days went back up there and bought this big brass battery with a atomizer you screwed on to the battery. I was a vaping fool, I liked the whole concept. At the time you could Vape anywhere indoors. BTW I had paid over $150.00 for this huge thing and $30 for a 30 ml bottle of juice. Hmmmm !! I can make some extra money. I was now completely unable to work by this time, so I had no income coming in, had filed for disability. Took a couple of yes to get, but I was 100% disabled at this point other than getting around with a a chair,walker,cane. Couldn’t drive my car which was a standard. So I had friends drive me around, would use my wifesd CSR etc… Then boom had a death in my immediate family, first thing I did was go get a pack of smokes. So I was back to smoking & vaping now. Only was smoking more but vaping less and my circulation was getting worse. The pain was getting worse, and my new found addiction reared its ugly head. Lots of pain pills, I mean lots of oxys, morphine to keep the pain at bay and was pretty much stuck in a bed or recliner. Legs elevated above the heart except when I would hobble outside to fire up a Newport. Now Popping pills ( moved up to 120 mg oxys) along with a pack a day smoking & vaping. I didn’t mention was also dipping snuff. So I was a complete mess, monthly Dr appointments soon turned in every 2 weeks. Along with weekly blood work PT/INR. One week my blood was thick as A London Fog the next week it was thin as water. Yes was still smoking. I was now popping superficial veins ( the ones you can see on the outside of your legs) which made the pain even worse, alongside with the meds I was smoking even more( mentally) I was rationalizing with my self that when I smoked, I would get up & move around more. Meanwhile, I was making the circulation worse ever drag would constricted the veins which in turn would make it harder for the blood to flow. It got to the point that my hearth was pumping the blood down, but it wasn’t going back up to my heart. It was just pooling in those now tortured superficial veins and also in the deep veins. Which even though I was on the blood thinners, I was defeating the purpose, every puff I took off of a CIG. It would constict the veins. Did it stop smoking yes scared me half to death knowing that these clots can travel once they broke loose to my lungs,heart or brain and that would have been it. Very well would have killed me. So back on to vaping,dipping and popping pills. But no cigs again. Went in for too many to count laser procedures on both legs now. To get rid of these hideous painful on fire veins. 2 times a week I would go to the office they would stick this really long electrode starting at the base is of the veins and twisting turning and cauterize the end of the vein( with electricity) omg it was like being shot With a tazer gun. I cursed the Dr.many times. They would only numb the area where they would insert the probes into my leg. Nothing for pain, so I would self induce my meds myself right before I left the house. Didn’t help still felt every bit of it but, I was able to deal with it. After somewhere between 32-50 procedures (months of going back & forth) I finally thru in the towel and didn’t go to get the remainder of the procedure. So im doing pretty good afterwards no smokes for about 2 months. So in May of 2015 I woke up to blood everywhere. Yelled for my wife to either call 911 or take me to the hospital ASAP. So went in they discovered after immediate surgery that I had now developed 2 different blood disorders. After 2 back to back surgeries 10 days in the hospital. I asked my wife to please go get my mod and dripper and juice and to bring them up here. The main squeeze of the nurses in the hospital (a very close family friend) told me. Since I was in a private room, I could sneak a vape every so often. After getting released from the hospital I had a nurse at home daily for 3 months for wound care along with my weekly visit to the wound care Dr. I was stuck I couldn’t smoke if I wanted to, I couldn’t get up. So I was doing great not smoking and just vaping & dipping and taking my meds. Nurse came one specific morning ( almost different nurse everyday) I was vaping in my chair & she proceeded to inform me that vaping was just as bad for me as smoking due to the nicotine,we had a pretty heated argument about my circulation and now these 2 new blood issues and that I simply should just stop everything and go cold Turkey. I’m a addict I most of my life was addicted to something or several things. If I quit one I would have found another to take its place. And I did 3 months after bed rest, diabetes was under control etc…etc… I said screw it !! And back once again to smoking and vaping doing YouTube reviews on e-juices, talking about how smoking was a thing of the past on & on. To March 2016 my wife had to take a month long trip to Fussa,Japan unfortunately doctor orders advised me that the elevation in a plane for 18 hr flight was much too risky. So 2 of my four kids at the time were around and kinda kept an eye on me. Both in there 20’s one smoked the other didn’t. My wife got back from Japan had received a phone call that our landlord for the past 12 yrs had passed away from complications from prostate dance. And the family was having to liquidate all assets our home being one of them. I was smoking & vaping like crazy, they had offered to sell us the house, we declined.They found a buyer in a matter of around 2 months. The market was saturated with homes for rent but getting into one or finding one one was extremely stressful. We couldn’t find anything in our price range, literally,we had to go and finally found a house with less than 2 weeks to spare before new owners were ready to move in. I was like puff the magic dragon back up to 2 packs a day. Now this smoking hstarted at 13 yrs old and continued until I was 51. So 230 days ago to the day, right now I’m cigarette free longest ever. 10 more days or so will make 8 months. I now have a new addiction, DIYing. Unfortunately im paying the price and have recently added COPD. But my circulation is improving,I don’t walk with any assistance, the superficial veins (new ones) unfortunately are back just not as bad. I’ve controlled taking a pain pill only as needed ( pain level has decreased) I haven’t quit smoking I’ve competly stopped !! Thanks to taking it serious this time, got two grandkids and a purpose to continue on this very difficult journey for myself and them. Tons of thanks and support go out to the vaping community and especially ELR for giving a shit to help save lives.
    If I win this contest I will be giving the set up to a very dear friend on oxygen & has COPD also among other things. To help him get on the vape train. I told him too that he will not have to spend a dime on juices or his kit whatever it may be. Because even if I don’t win I will buy him his first set up too. Many thanks and Ty for giving me the opportunity to give some of my testimony.
  2. I’ve seen some reviews on the pods, but personally am not familiar with it yet.

3.not sure about the ejuice, but mine would probably work.

  1. . I was fortunate I found a Safer Alternative to Tobacco use. As a 30 plus year user of both cigarettes and Cigars I felt I had very few options to quit Tobacco use. I was determined to end my addiction to Tobacco. I tried Nicotine gum and Nicotine patches they did not help. I did research and read quite a bit about the use of Chantix as a way to end my Tobacco use. The horrific side effects of this cessation medication far out weighed the benefits. I even tried Hypnotherapy as a way to break my Tobbaco habit, but to no avail.
    Finally a friend offered to help. He helped by introducing me to Vaping. I had finally found a 95% Safer Alternative to Tobacco use. The chronic bronchitis I suffered from for years quickly went away. I suddenly could breath and did not get winded easily, smell and taste my food and had tons of energy.
    I have been Tobacco free for just over five years thanks to Vaping. Vaping saved my Life, I would love to see and be part of a world where millions upon millions of people could have the Freedom to choice a Healthier Alternative to their Tobacco use.

  1. The only pod system I am aware of is Tide Pods. Which are not safe to Vape.

  1. I think Fried Chicken or Maple Bacon would be excellent choices, but definitely not Tabasco


Smoked til I couldn’t stand it any longer! Picked up a vape and liked it for a few months then went back to smoking for a few months. In the end said screw it and went back to vaping and never looked back! It’s been a few years now smoke free! 40 participants :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I smoked for about 27 years of my life. Started smoking regularly at 11 and finally managed to quit for more than 10 days at around 35 years old. I had bad side effects from patches and was told by my doctor to stop using them. I used an ego type device for some of that month before I went back to smoking (something about the juices I vaped in that thing made me cough).

By the time I was 38, I had lost my mother and best friend to lung cancer and still wasn’t ready to quit, despite being their caregiver and witnessing all the unpleasantness of such a fate.

When my husband had a bit of an issue with some kidney stones, his doctor found some disturbing “spots” on his lungs in the CT images.
Things got serious once again and I quit smoking with my husband because it just never worked when only one of us would attempt to quit.
I quit cold turkey after trying patches with illness and bad side effects, once again.
I was quit for about 6 months, mentally unstable, nauseated, bloated, and wanting to smoke a cigarette the whole damn time when I started having the occasional black and mild cigar on nights that we had wine.
My husband saw that I was inhaling the cigars, and was appalled. He brought me a Smok Alien kit the next day.

When I saw that it was one of those cloud chucking box mods I was like WTH? :open_mouth: "No way can I do that when the smaller thing itched my throat, irritated my mouth, and made me cough!"
My husband said, just try it by inhaling directly into the lungs. "Just give it a try!"
He had it loaded with “Very cool”(a 3mg 70/30 berry and menthol juice he bought with the kit at the shop).
I tried it and did not cough! I was intrigued by the flavor that was not a tobacco and didn’t pretend to be.
It took care of the cravings and my mental instability, but made me sick after a while. I thought it might be the nic, but it turns out that after a year of vaping, and trying many flavors, I just cant vape very sweet juice and don’t really like fruit vapes much at all.

I am 40 now and recently started making my own juice and no longer like the over sweetened premium juices. I have been smoke free for almost 2 years. I don’t know my quit date, and dont care. I just know that I learned a lot about vaping, building coils, and making eliquid. It has been a whole lot more fun than smoking and I feel much healthier too.


I have read about dolphins and penguins, but never saw one before.


I would think that juice made with nic salts would be ok in this device.


My DIY e-liquid.
It not included any aromatizers.
The nicotine I use has own tobacco flawor.


SMOK Infinix Starter Kit 250mAh
I saw it in the HG website


@Emalee @effect0r @fseedo Check this out!


WISMEC Motiv POD Kit 2200mAh

Heaven Gift website :grinning:


I think 6 mg/ml of nicotine will be optimal