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ENDED - Win Asvape Cobra Sub Ohm Tank, Enjoy A Nice Warm Vaping with Massive Clouds--7/13


Compared with the rebuildable tanks that give you some DIY fun, those stock coil sub ohm tanks seem to be a little bit “boring”, especially when they all come with the similar design these days. But recently a new brand, called Asvape, introduce their first sub ohm tank that features an odd/interesting coil head design - the Cobra. Unlike the regular stock coil atomizers using SS or Kanthal material coils recently, it adopts a 0.5ohm Ni80 NiChrome coil head that comes with multiple tiny wicking holes, 360-degree isometrically located in the coil, enabling the cotton to absorb e-liquid from all angles. Besides, it supports thicker, high VG juices and produces huge vapor clouds with little power. With such special coil wicking, will this Cobra Sub Ohm Tank work great? Well, we need you guys give us the answer after testing it.

To enter
1.Share Asvape Cobra Sub Ohm Tank on any of your social media pages. b[/b]

2.Play Word Chain: comment one word and the word should be related to ATOMIZER. One word per post and the word has to begin with the last letter of the previous word commented.


If you draw a blank then post
‘Asvape Cobra’
Next post will start with Letter ‘A’

3.Tag 2 of your friends here.


  1. We use random.org to select 2 winners on July 14th, 2017.
  2. Each person can enter 20 times at most.
  3. Number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
  4. We require at least 30 participants.

  1. Asvape cobra @SessionDrummer @Tony_the_tiger @Mark_Turner


Post 1. Atomizer @GalacticResidue, @woftam, @Pattie, @Sprkslfly, good luck


Post #1 Resistance

@MysticRose @DrChud @TheTinMan1


Post #1 Ephro

@R113 @Leilani @Norseman @Sprkslfly @VapeyMama


Post #1 Ohms

@Chrispdx @Pentine @Jenny1978 @MisterSinner @Flavologist @VapeyMama @woftam


Post #1 subohm

@Bikerdude @saxon2 @CallMeTut @Skullblade789 @Jazzy1 @Daven @worm1

Will pass to next person if I win because I won the last one! :blush:


Post 1 mesh

Only entering to get this up to 20 people. Thanks @Heaven_Gifts for indicating that the social media is “optional”!!!


Post one

@Lolly @TheTinMan1 @Saxon2 @Daven


Post 1 Had to end one in “y” didn’t you?!? Lol asvape cobra
@MysticRose @SensesTaker


Post 2


@Silhouette @Mona @sprkslfly


Post 1.
@Underanne @Mew

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast


Post #1 Tron-T
@Silhouette @Jenny1978 @Steampugs @Underanne @VapeyMama @Skullblade789 @woftam @TheTinMan1 @Lolly @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit
That’s probably enough :laughing:


Top fill

@SessionDrummer @Volition @juice_junkie_lover @Lolly
@Norseman @mrneph2 and cant forget @Grubby



LG HG2 Battery


Atomizer(y is hard haha)


@Leilani @Flavorah


[quote=“Laura5, post:16, topic:148882, full:true”]Atomizer(y is hard haha)


@Bob_Bitchen @robin

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  2. Sub Ohm
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