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ENDED - Win Wotofo Serpent SMM, A Single Coil RTA with Isolated Airflow Channels--7/12



Single coil rda’s are my favorite, been all around the block with dual’s and cloud chasing. In fact I prefer my rda’s also in single coil mode. My current fav owned single coil rta is my Merlin with the Ammit original a distant second.

I first came by using and trusting the Wotofo brand for excellent value, craftsmanship, and style with the 22mm Velocity clone (it was impossible to order an original at the time and the price was prohibitive). My current fav Wotofo product (authentic one) is the Troll RTA. I would really love a Serpent SMM but alas my wife is watching my budget like a hawk. - well I’ll prolly sneak one but I have to retire some old stuff so my desk doesn’t look any more cluttered.

Hive (darn with these rules it’s prolly easier to buy one of these babies than win…lol) I’m already sold…send one anyway, please.



Before Serpent SMM, which Wotofo Product do you know? If yes, reply with its name Yes, the Wotofo Serpent Mini, both sizes.


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I like that single coil tank doesn’t require high wattage to run and provide a cooler vape and also it is more economical if you buy your E-liquid.


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For me, it’s not necessary to use tank which requires dual or more coils as I only vape under 35 watts and I like cooler vape so I only use single coil tank and it also economical for people who buy readymade E=liquid.


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  • I know quite a few products from Wotofo and they are Serpent mini, serpent RDTA, Troll RDA, Sapor RTA, Serpent Alto and Serpent SMM.


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@Lolly @Josephine_van_Rijn


Wotofo Serpent SMM :snake:


Extra Winning Chance

Do you think 1 set is not so enough for you to fight for? Wanna more chance to win this serpent SMM? Here you go.

Another whopping giveaway is in full swing on our site-- Win Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA, Small Body yet Large Single Coil Tolerance! 8 sets are waiting for you!

Please don’t hesitate to join us. Good luck!



Mini Serpent


Depends on the brand.
I like the triple and dual because i seem to get better flavor. Everyones personal style is different
Serpent smm
Thunder 80w box mod


@lolly @Silhouette @fidalgo_vapes @DarthVapor @VapeyMama @SessionDrummer


Winner Announcement

Hey guys.

This contest has ended. Glad you have fun here.
Now we only get 13 participants, less than 25 we require.
But to express our gratitude to participants, we still choose one winner who will get our US$10 gift card.

Congratulations #21 @Mark_Turnerl!!

I will PM the gift card code to you later. Pls have a check.

Announcement of the winner doesn’t mean the end of the contest, but the beginning of the next contest. Pay more attention to HG. Interesting contests, new arrivals, discount deals, special coupons are waiting for you.

If you have interested in Wotofo Serpent SMM, you can pick one from HG at US$33.99 by using 15% off code “AHG15”.


@Mark_Turner congrats


Thank you I am excited by the win and appreciative of the Gift Card @Heaven_Gifts :heart:


@Mark_Turner congrats my good man!


Congrats @Mark_Turner and thank you to @Heaven_Gifts for another giveaway.


Congrats @Mark_Turner and tnx to @Heaven_Gifts for the giveaway. :sunglasses:


Grats @Mark_Turner and thank you @Heaven_Gifts for the giveaway!


Congrats @Mark_Turner