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Endless Tweaking: The Infinite Nudge


hahahah! at first glance on this thread, it looked like “Endless Twerking”! that would be something to see


and then after 5 more versions, we realize that the wife was right. just leave it alone


I would say I’m a 1 or even a 0.5. All to often I settle for “vapeable”. Is it the best I ever had? No. Is it vapable? Yeah, Good enough for me.


On the 1-10 scale I’m usually a 1, maybe 2, with the occasional mix that turns me into a 10. Ok maybe not 10… probably more like 5 compared to the super tweakers here. I mix up new stuff aaaall the time, and if I don’t like it I’m more likely to ditch it and move on to something else than revamp it. I think the most tweaks I’ve ever done to a recipe has been when I’m collaborating with another mixer. That gives me a little more motivation since there’s another person in on it.


That would naturally depend on the twerker.

I want to leave my Creme Brulee ratios alone because I actually like it a lot, but I just can’t!!!


I think if I tried to long-tweak a recipe it might ruin the profile for me. By Banana Pudding V26 I’d never want to taste Banana again! But a super tweaker might say they finally love Banana. I love the varying methods of diy’ers. I’m finding myself right about where you are, one or two attempts and it’s love it or leave it. Roundabouts, anyway.


Sadly, I left banana for a year because of one stupid bottle. It was long ago from a vendor. I had a cold and that’s the one I vaped. I was miserably sick and banana reminded me of being sick. Happily I have found it again and it’s one of my favorite fruits ATM. Hey, banana in my Creme Brulee… I feel a tweak coming on!


Banana and Creme Brulee go great together! Its the basis of my Banana Pudding recipe


Yep, I did that to myself with honeydew. I was a naive newbie who didn’t know how fuckin hard it is to clone juice (especially with minimal flavors from just a couple manufacturers). I must have tried…6? 7? different honeydew/berry/cotton candy mixes and after probably 6 months of trying to clone my favorite b&m juice I had to call it quits because just the smell of honeydew made me nauseous. So maybe I lied before… that was probably the most times I’ve tweaked a recipe. Thankfully after taking a long break I can finally handle honeydew again, but only in small quantities and very occasionally.


Sounds like a new recipe altogether… Bananas Foster minus the alcohol.


I have a recipe like that! I was out of town and drank waaay too much out at the club, enough to make me sick for a full day afterwards plus some… That recipe was all I had to vape and as soon as I got home I threw it in the back of the steep box. I was actually just cleaning out the steep box yesterday and found it. I opened it to give it a smell, and instantly it made me think about the worst hangover ever. It got dumped.


The recipe came out somehow almost exactly like Banana Pudding with Nilla Wafer mixed in! Like after the wafers get soft.


I’ll have to sub the hell out of it to fit my stash but that sounds like a keeper. Sorry you hate it!


Oh, no!! I love It! I was saying if I tweaked it out for a year and a day I would hate banana!


These are great flavors to work with if you are expanding your stash. I don’t think it would compare if you subbed any of the key ingredients. Worth a shot, though!


@Cutlass92 I’m hitting the last 3rd of the bottle of your Apple Fritter right now. It’s steeped an extra month and a half now and is freaking killer! How many tweaks did it take to get there?


None, it was a very nice surprise!


Then imagine how good it will be with a few tweaks! Come on, you can do it…


Everyone that try’s it says leave it alone. @Molly_Mcghee and I work together on them and get some pretty nice results fairly quickly, we usually do the same as @VapeyMama and don’t tweak much, just toss it and start over, I don’t really toss it my son in law vapes so I give him all the stuff that turns into :poop:


Oh and thanks for the vote of confidence! :+1: