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Endless Tweaking: The Infinite Nudge


I hope my twerking can satisfy. Send some creme brûlée mix and I’ll tell you if it needs tweaking. Thank you


You realize that’s a solid 8 right there alone. Right?
(And yes, I know it takes one to know one. I’m well beyond 8 though.)


I think it’s more that they might say "I love that I’ve finally got the banana flavor where I was picturing it should be! (Very much like a professional chef, where it’s not leaving the kitchen until he/she says it’s done!)

I do too! Part of the draw to ELR forums for me is getting to see (and draw from) all the varied ideas!


Ab. So. Lute. Lee. Some ideas I’ve seen contradict what I do, and some are excellent. But ALL have merit when they accomplish a task for the user. Someone else liking an idea is Whipped Cream on the pie.


That is a much more accurate way to explain it.