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Error: PG/VG goes to 0


Hi, I’ve been using ELR for a year now on Firefox. Today I went to my recipes and all of them are showing PG & VG at zero. When I try to edit, the numbers will scroll but then go back to zero. I then tried it with Chrome and it’s working fine. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this?


What have I done?

Mine is messed up as well.

Recipe summary shows:

Strength: Infinity mg
PG/VG-ratio: NaN/NaN

Firefox Quantum 57.01

Edit: Cleared my cache and that seems to have taken care of the problem


I just checked mine and all is well…so it is probably a cache issue like @d_fabes mentioned


Sorry about that.

Clear your cache or you can try CTRL+SHIFT+R to force reload, and it should be back to normal :slight_smile:


That did the trick.

Thank you.


I use a iPad and all recipes are goofed up. Many negatives in pg and veg fields.


i had some problem while i was trying to check something from my work… at home it works perfectly (both cases in chrome) though i can’t clear cookies etc at work…
just try to clear cookies, history data etc… and i guess it will gonna work fine :slight_smile:


CTRL+SHIFT+R should work there…


thank you, for apple users, settings-safari-clear history


Ooooo. thank the stars I’m keeping traditional hand-written notes as well!