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Erythritol Liquid Concentrate


Where do Sucralose and Stevia fall on that scale, for you?

From your description, it seems that a 2:1 Erythritol:Stevia mix might balance nicely without making either’s shortcomings too prominent.


Sucralose gets a 5 out of 10 and Stevia gets a 2 out of 10. Sucralose to me doesn’t do very much, maybe a better mouth feel. Stevia is not… I dont like it. It makes like dry artificial thing that isn’t good to me personally.


It’s Interesting how everyone is different. For me, Sucralose gets a 3 and Stevia gets a 7 or 8.


I think some of it might have to do with the wattage you are vaping at but I cant prove it in court. I’m not a chemist, I just play one when I mix with varying degrees of failure :slight_smile:

Some of the wise ones here on ELR told me to use Marshmallow and Meringue. Marshmallow is great for me personally.


I have yet to really try Marshmallow as a sweetener, but my fruit mixes are the ones that sometimes requires sweetening so I lean towards Pyure.

Do you happen to know what makes Marshmallow sweet? That is, is it naturally sweet or do the vendors add sucralose? If they do, that may explain why it works for you.


For me it’s just the mouth feel or taste perception. I don’t like sickly sweet liquid or food. Sweetness needs to be a light note.

A Marshmallow on its own is just a puffed up ball of sugar…but that’s probably not the chemical composition of the flavoring itself? It’s sticky on your fingers so there’s some kind of sweetener in it I think.

I use about 1.5 of it. I use FA, go through many ounces of it. Also sometimes I mix Capella Marshmallow and FA Marshmallow together.


I find marshmallow to be pretty interesting. That is, considering the plant and how it eventually became a “puffed up ball of sugar” confectionary. The Wikipedia page is an interesting read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marshmallow

But, for some reason I haven’t played with the flavoring much at all. Probably a lack of need, since I’m still in that stage of tweaking listed recipes and haven’t yet started trying to create any.


For me it was the magic sweet bullet. Start with FA. It doesn’t burn either.


The Erythrirol after a few day steep in a menthol mix is awwwwesome!


i havent got that coolfeeling at what percent does this happen for you


2%. I put it in a custard. Its not like koolada, its very slight. I read 3 % works well too…doesnt over sweeten.


i havent went to 2 percent yet at least i havent in anything that is vapeable the others are asleep


Erythritol from Nude Nic is my go to for sweeteners @ .15%. I’ve tried every type of artificial & real sweetener out there, but imo, this has been “The One!” Coils don’t get funky, doesn’t kill flavors (as much) and adds sweetness that doesn’t make me cough. I’ve been using it for 3 months now, so let me know what others think. :peace_symbol:


I actually have started to add the erythritol powder directly to a mix over 100ml.
Before I would add a 10% mix to the recipe.
Getting great results so far with the added bonus it helps keep down the PG ratio.