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Erythritol Liquid Concentrate


Anyone try this stuff?


Miz @Maureeenie do a search as this has been a topic …think I remember some good links


Thanks… I had never seen it before. Perhaps I was gone the weeks folks were discussing it.


It’s saying no search results found?


weird you spelled correctly and I tried some misspells… no go. Positive I have seen. Maybe good to start it’s own thread


I will take this information anyway I can get it… :slight_smile: I just don’t want to buy it if people here don’t like it. The people selling it are going to say it’s wonderful!


Try looking here


Thanks @wvsanta @Maureeenie Try search now…is working …luckily you had me searching too or no one would believe. I blame daath on vacation :wink:


i love it ive replaced sucralose completely with it , it DOES not destroy coils , it burns at a higher temp than sugar , its just as sweet as sucralose , seems to blend better , with sucralose i always taste it at the top erythritol makes the juice sweet throughout , i hope i explained that well ,


Perfectly. I did buy it, it was cheap :slight_smile: Cant wait to try it actually. I haven;t had good luck with sucralose.


Yayyyy! Thank you!


Anyone see anything at a starting point percentage for this elixirrr? I just got it in the mail…


Maybe @fidalgo_vapes can give you a %

and Hey? we’re all gonna need that link! You find a deal? …and awaiting your review Ms.


i didnt test as a single flavor , what i did was replaced it in recipes that had sucralose from 1 to 2 percent it is vg base at least i think bc its thick compared to sucralose


if your looking for the " sugar lips effect " im not sure bc im not a fan and i believe it would take a pretty high percentage 3 and above sucralose seems to sit at the top of juice which allows that effect erythritol sweetens the juice throughout so that effect would take a good amout i think


I… I… Aye yi yi YI Ladies the nick @SugarLips is not taken …just sayin’


It’s right here on the site in flavors… sorry, I got busy there for a bit.

I’m going to start with 2%


I see many ECX recipes… guess that’s the place to buy


That is where I got it.


For anyone watching this thread…

OK… so I decided the best test was to put it in a simple custard to see what it did. (This recipe is rich and subtle and a perfect place to see what the difference was) I did NOT steep it at all but I shook it pretty good and warmed it in my hands.

I put 4 drops in 5ml of the Recipe http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/150112/Third+World+Custard which was equal to 2%

Sweet? Yes… but the sweet is hitting me in the back of my mouth and not on my tongue, if that makes sense. It doesn’t taste sweet on your tongue. You taste the sweet more on the exhale.

Muting Flavor? Somewhat. It kind of dried out the creamy flavor of the Vanilla Custard, I didn’t like that very much.

Burning the Coil or Burned Taste? Not at all. Burns clean as a whistle.

Cooling? Oddly, yes. I’m thinking this could enhance a menthol and mint vape nicely. (Testing it on an Orange Menthol concoction which will tell me a lot because there’s citrus and menthol)

Artificial Tasting? Weeeelll… maybe a tiny bit. It might need to steep to get rid of that and I’m thinking a steep will get that out of there.

Overall: Not too shabby for a sweetener but I didn’t fall in love with it either. I guess I’m giving it a solid 7 out of 10 for no steeping.