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Erythritol vs Sucralose vs Super Sweet vs EM


Anyone used this enough to have a solid opinion? On the site I’m looking at it on people are saying it comes with formed crystal in the bottom of the bottle and doesn’t shake up and mix in… As well as it’s like 5% and kind of light. Anyone?


I never use Sucralose or Supersweet anymore.I only use a combo of erythritol and stevia 1 part stevia to 3 parts erythritol.

Erythritol may crystalize but it is easy to get back into a solution with a warm waterbath and a good shake it is vg based so warming it a little is essential to get it to reabsorb. Strangly I have only had the crystals form in solution I bought - I now make my own and have not had any re- crystalization.


I’m fairly versed on Surcalose and super sweet - Suc = 10% in PG, Super Sweet = about twice as strong in water and preservatives, EM, E Maltol = dulls, rounds flavors but enhances others.


will it crystalize in eliquid? Common sense says yes but…


I have not seen it do that in any mix not saying it hasn’t but i havent seen it. Remember you are using a max of say 1% of a 5% solution so the actual amount in your juice is very small.


makes sense if I think about it that way


No it will not. By then it is diluted even more.

I think erythitol is a pain to work with, and the sweetening effect is rather small. In vg in a 10% solution I used it about 2% in a mix, and barely noticed it. and in a 5% PG solution 4%. im currently using super sweet from cap at 0.10 - 0.5 % and its quite enough


The only solid opinion I have about this is I bought a bottle of sucrolose back when I first started mixing, eons ago (about 6 months :smirk: ). I used it in 2 recipes and HATED it. To the point that it almost made me nauseous, and I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for 2 days.
Now if I need to sweeten something, I use either Cap. Marshmallow or TFA. Sig. Brown Sugar flavor.


I never use sweeteners, I max VG and that helps me a lot with sweetness. The only PG in my mix is what is in the flavorings and to me, that is all that is needed.