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Ethyl Alcohol Warning


What exactly do you experience when vaping it?
Looking at that TPA list, I seem to remember that those flavors are a bit harsh on the throat to me, less so after a good long steep. Not sure if it’s exactly that what you experience or if it’s even due to ethyl alcohol or some other ingredient.



Then we have the crazy bastards like myself that actually like ethyl alcohol and add more. Hit that PGA button and have fun.


If the alcohol isnt evaporated i get a harsh taste and even a throat burn on those that contain hight percentage alcohol.


Hi @Walt_RealFlavors is it possible that Real Flavors would be able/willing to provide a list of RF flavors containing alcohol?

Also, maybe you can help me when it comes to which alcohol compounds that we should be looking for to include in this warning/notice?

Any of the above would be highly appreciated.


That’ll teach them to shake & vape, instead of steeping the proper way. Besides, even without alcohol in the concentrate s & v is a crappy way of introducing someone to DIY.
In My Humble Opinion of course.


Which you are entitled to have, but for everyone experienced as well as newcomers a notice could be very useful. I see reasons for why to have such notice on flavors that contain alcohol, i am yet to see anyone answer my first question and give a reason for why we do not have or need such notice.


Maybe because nobody thinks it’s that big of a deal.
So, you’ve voiced your concerns and some people have responded. Now you’re just repeating yourself and frankly, it’s getting old. Why not just give it a rest.


If it isnt an issue for you and you feel as if it is getting old, then why dont you just avoid this topic or at least provide some useful info instead of “I think there’s only trace amounts to begin with. Hardly enough to to be a concern” because i personally dont think 20%, 30% heck even 50% ethyl alcohol is considered “only a trace amount”.

A notice on this will not affect you in a bad way, but it can be helpful for others.

So why dont you give it a rest and leave this to those who would be interested in such info and even collect the data which can be shared to the community.

Your remark is not appreciated!


I cant put my finger on it but from memory Walt said that the rf rc line contained about 3% alcohol by volume. I would look to the flavours that Nic river has on the no fly list and a good start point.

@Walt_RealFlavors please correct me if I am wrong I am old and forget pants sometimes


I know that when i looked into the sweet cream, the spec sheet said less than 15% which could very well be 3%, but Worm looked at his bottle which was stating 3% (might have been less than too). From the few data sheets i looked at back then the amount there was variating a lot, and i actually think i even ran into one SC without, not sure at the moment though. Waiting going through the Real Flavors for now hoping we might be lucky that Walt can help us out :slight_smile:

Not sure i added nic river no flight list page to favroites yet, but will search for it and add it, thanks…


Ya know I was ready to just leave this foolishness alone, but now you have my interest with this outrageous claim. Show me specific brand names, flavors and MDS sheets for these concentrates containing 20-30-40-50% alcohol as a base.
I assume they are popular manufacturers and not some back alley sheisters.


Well you have to put things in perspective a bit as well.
Take for example someone who mixes a recipe with 8% Peach Juicy. That’s up to 25% ethyl alcohol in it, meaning 2% of this mix is ethyl alcohol.
Let’s say an average person takes 5 puffs from a drop of liquid, about 0.3ml… I’d say after 2 or 3 puffs you know it’s too harsh and unpleasant to vape. So that’s after having vaped about 0.006ml ethyl alcohol…

A not so very scientific opinion, and correct me if I’m wrong, but i bet that’s not really going to be a high enough concentration to be really dangerous and that’s why people don’t really see the point of big warning signs.
People are also sensitive to PG and they use it in much higher concentrations, I haven’t see any big warnings either.

I do however see a bigger reason why a little warning for alcohol would be more appropriate for those who choose not to consume it in any way or form (e.g. religious or other reasons).


Not sure why it would be considered foolishness. He is compiling a list of flavors that contain alcohol so u can be aware that it exists and can take steps to avoid or allowing it to breath in a snv mix if so desired. He merely asked for any that u are aware of and all the help that was mentioned here has been a great help, thks to all that did.


First off, nobody this far has talked about things being dangerous, only unpleasant.

It is of course not only about the amount of alcohol in the concentrates that matter, but also at what percentage it is used at in a mix. I have not tested at what end percentage in a mix that i might be able to endure and i have no plans doing that either. What this is about is giving some info on the concentrates so people can know if a steep and/or breath is worth considering. The amount of alcohol in the concentrates might help people decide what the best method for evaporating it might be or for how long.

But be my guest and try to add 2% of Ethyl alcohol to some mix just to see if it affect you or not, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


I have gone through the TPA flavors and made a data sheet that for now list 4 different alcohol compounds. If anyone have interest in see that list of follow the progress of this project that will take a while then it can be found here:

One of the alcohol compounds (furfuryl alcohol) included in this list does already trigger a warning on ELR flavor list.


Good work mate according to the database only 126554 more data sheets to check but we all know that is a little wrong :crazy_face:


Haha, considering the flavor duplicate mess there is, it is probably closer to 1654. However, as i stated from the start, then i would be willing to help going through “commonly known/used flavors”, but when i start on a brand i might as well take all in that brand. But there is probably some brands that i at least to begin with will consider skipping, heck probably some where there isnt any data sheets available. But yeah, it will take some time, but an hour here and there, and i will eventually have a more or less complete list :slight_smile:

If anyone is bored they are welcome to help :laughing:


What is the most correct procedure when mixing flavors with alcohol?
Allow to breathe with the lid open for 12 hours after shaking?


Everyone has their own correct procedure. I never breath anything, the alcohol will gas off in its own time after steep, but there are a heap of topics littered about the forums discussing/arguing what is better - best way is what works for you. Test side by side one left to breath and one sealed up then decide which one is better for you.