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Ethyl Alcohol Warning


I do not usually worry about it, but it is true that some recipes after maturation advised, I feel some alcohol inside …
I like this initiative;)
If there is a “warning” of the flavor with alcohol, this will help to know the recipes that “should” breathe … Or not! lol


List has been updated with Capella flavors. When i compare this to some of the external links that list flavors with alcohol, there is some differenced, but i guess that is because of newer versions where alcohol might have been removed. I will try to look and see if i can locate some of the older data sheets and compare.


Unless one is on Naltrexone or another alcohol antagonist drug, or A Mormon, I don’t see the problem, as most of the flavors that have Ethyl Alcohol, the kind in beer wine and Whiskey, are the Flavorah and Real Flavor Super concentrates, which no normal DIYer uses at much more that a few percent. Probably get more kissing your Honey after a few drinks!


The point is, a lot of people do have a problem with it. Whether it’s a harshness in the vape or a bad taste or some other unpleasant reaction. Many people may not even realize why a certain flavor gives them trouble. Once the list is complied it’s going to be really helpful information for people to have,


This is a matter for another topic and one that has been debated before in other threads. I’m with @woftam on this, no breathing on my juices. After a steep, I might open the lid and blow off some alcohol vapors and that’s it, no more. None of my e-liquids should breathe, no matter how much alcohol is in them.


Again, cheers for doing the research for us. It would be nice to have a list quickly available to us so we can decide whether or not to use it in the first place. Mormon, recovering alcoholic or not some things you have to decide for ourselves whether we want to introduce some chemicals to our bodies. We can decide this with or foods and medications so why not our vape which can be more deadly then consumption or exposure. As an example of the awareness we will achieve in this information:


That’s maybe because so many people ignore advise and expertise from people who have mixed before, throw everything together, give it half a shake and try to vape stuff?

Isn’t that what the beginners forums are for and why people should be urged to read at least a few topics there to learn about the importance of steeping and proper care when using some products. Nicotine is not the only possibly dangerous ingredient in our vapes.

I can understand the question for a warning / indication for religious or other reasons, but you can’t possibly put a warning sign every step of the DIY way to warn people not to be idiots. Where possible, there are already safety data sheets where everything is listed. I think it would be more valuable to add these lists to flavors that don’t have them than to search for 1 specific ingredient in all flavors and put an extra notice out. Kinda seems like a huge waste of time and energy to me.


What is important to you may not be important to someone else. Since it is important to @lummy then he has taken the time to share. If it is not important to you why are you even in this thread?


I wouldn’t say waste of time. Think of how many new folks simply don’t know then mix is alcohol based or has a heavy alcohol component and are snv everything at the start. If it helps one person knowing that xyz needs to be aged a bit then it’s good.

Personally, I don’t see a big need for it, but if someone wants to tackle it for the greater good than yay!

I think I am rambling. I am trying to say this with care and love /respect. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How many do you think goes through the data sheets? Also, why even have warnings/notice for diacetyl, acetoin and so forth when people can just check data sheets?

Since the founder of ELR have said that this could easily be added by providing a list of names or IDs, that is what i will provide. I do not expect anyone, specially new mixers to check the data sheets for the flavors they are using, and to be honest, i havent done that myself except for cases where i was either curious or if there was something about the flavor that was bugging me. We are aware that these infomations are available in data sheets, which is where i am collecting them from, but this is about giving the info to the users, not by providing them with a link to a data sheet that some wont even know what to look for, but give them the info best possible way together with all the other warnings/notice there is in the system.


The handful of people saying this doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t matter to them, really don’t have a reason to be here. Not to be rude but really, why are you in this topic? No one is asking you to help or to even look at the list. So, this doesn’t matter to you, bugger off then.

Honestly, this does matter to a lot of people. We’re teaching the new mixers that some flavors need to breathe or if breathing isn’t for you, they need to steep longer or what ever method they need to use because…why? Often times it’s because of the alcohol in the flavor. It’s a brilliant suggestion to have this noted in the database.


But it is not a Health hazard like some of the other things that are in certain flavor on the hazard list!


I will prefer to not turn this topic into a matter of health issues, because it will easily take it off track. furfuryl alcohol is however already triggering a warning due to it might causing cancer. However, the ehtyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol and so on can just trigger a notice rather than a warning, both warning and notice is already implemented in the system where warnings are red and notice is yellow.


What flavors containing ethyl alcohol? I dont find that in my shops(


Ethyl alcohol is a quite common and is found in many flavors. If you look at some of my previous comments in this topic you will find a link to a google docs sheet where the list that is currently compiled can ce accessed. But for now there is only TPA, CAP and half of the Flavorah listed.


List has been updated with Flavorah flavors.


Since much of my flavor stash is OOO (One on One) I did take the time and dig through the SDS sheets on a random sampling and only turned up a couple listing Ethanol. AKA ethyl alcohol ( drinking grade) and no other alcohols listed. Most of the flavors only list PG as the base.
I’ll do more digging in a few days as time allows and see if I can put together a list of the ones that do contain Ethanol.


If you want to get access to add OOO to this sheet then let me know and give me your google email then i can give you access. It would be very much appreciated.


Added Liquid Barn to the list, but they dont present the percentage amount used, only that the flavor contain Ethyl alcohol. Link to the sheet can be found in the main post.


As far as I know alcohol is anything with -ol in the name (-ol group) like Maltol, Ethyl Maltol, Eugenol, Erythritol, Glycerol. Almost any flavor contain alcohol with one or an other way.