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Ethyl Alcohol Warning


I am no chemist (far from it), but as it seem it isnt as simple put as that. There is a few in your list which from what i know and can see isnt classified as an alcohol.

There is some fairly easy explanation here: https://chem.libretexts.org/Core/Organic_Chemistry/Alcohols/Nomenclature_of_Alcohols/Naming_Alcohols

However, as requested previously in this topic, suggestions on alcohols worth including in this list, which havent really been brought into debate. From the info i have collected i think Benthyl, Ehtyl are the interesting ones to include and also update Furfyryl since it is already in the system with a warning.

These alcohols compounds does have quite a few names though.


This is all I know for alcohols. And I search for each one of the above list to find out that it is all of them alcohols. Maybe a chemist like @50YearsOfCigars can help you.


First of all, the title of the thread doesn’t say it all. Any thread with “Warning” in the title deserves a look for people that care about vaping safety. If the title said something like “[Req] flavor warning sign for ethyl alcohol”, I probably wouldn’t even have looked.

2nd, this just all seem to be a bit too much noise over a small issue to me and apparently I’m not alone. There are plenty people who have issues with PG. Do you see any warning signs for that? Nicotine… pretty hazardous stuff, where’s the warning sign?

I never said that you shouldn’t put up the sign, I couldn’t care less to be honest. I am much more in favor for an update on the beginners guidelines, so that everybody has a more up-to-date guide where they can find all necessary info and warnings required for safe mixing. Also a lot of flavors are missing data sheets that contain much more information than just a single warning for a single ingredient.

@Iummy I know that not everybody looks for these data sheets, because not everybody is interested and most people are not allergic or oversensitive to the ingredients. If they are, they will look these things up just like you’re doing now, just like a nut-allergic person will check the ingredients list on his cereal to see if there are no traces of nuts (while most other people don’t even bother to look).

I didn’t want to spoil the party and I’m not being rude by telling people they’re full of sh*t or buzz off, I’m just giving my opinion about the subject and that’s it. If you feel you need to go ahead and put up a warning for alcohol… be my guest, I’m not standing in your way.

It’s just that today someone is sensitive to alcohol and wants a warning, tomorrow someone is sensitive to something else and we get another warning… and eventually, the real important warning signs will drown away among the not-so-important warning signs.


There is a type notice which is yellow and then there is warnings which is red, so a notice wont make important warnings drown.

I am yet to hear a good reason for why we wouldnt include a warning beside, this doesnt effect me or that people can look the data sheets.

Again, this is about providing info and give people the easy and best possible mixing experience.

I am not sure why you direct the "rude part at me, since the only time i have been saying anything similar, is when someone was directly rude or obnoxious, well in my IMO everything he called me out to be, since my list havent been falling short on my so call outrageous claims. I do however stand behind Hobbit on her comment, because the real waste of time would be debating this when people dont really have much of arguments rather than “this doesnt affect me”.


Actually, it’s not that simple, certainly not with food, and even less so with flavour concentrates.

Food manufacturers only list the eight most common allergens. if you’re sensitive to, say, cornstarch (like myself) you just have to take an educated guess (and avoid the vast majority of processed foods, cos that stuff is even more ubiquitous than gluten)

When I go out to buy medicine, I often can’t find the ingredients listed anywhere, not on the box (they often have them listed on a little leaflet inside, but I’m not going to buy the box, just to read the leaflet then rule that one out, am I? ) nor even online so I just have to take an educated guess that all the pills and capsules contain cornstarch (since the vast mnajority certainly do) and leave all that stuff alone. The laugh is, some of those medicine info sheets inside the box contain a warning: DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THE INGEDIENTS, and yet don’t include a full list of all the inactive ingredients!

The labelling of the food and drugs industries that exists (inadequate though it is) is the result of much public pressure and legislation . The manufacturers don;'t like to give away their recipes

Now consider the case of flavour concentrates for vaping. Not so much public pressure and legislation there. Most manufacturers will list Diacetyl and those other two that thave raised significant concern , but if you want to know if they contain PG , you’ll have often a very hard time finding out. And believe me, checking on every flavour individually, on the off-cjhance that it’s OK for you, is so mind-numbingly boring, and tine-consuming, that’s youlll gladly giove up vaping rather than wade through the lot. So, if a community such as this one is gathering all the relevant info and flagging it, then that is exactly what’s needed.

I hope that @daath will eventually have it sorted so that not only can we flag the flavours in the database if they contain PG, alcohol, or anything else that some people want to avoid, but so that people can filter the flavour list accordingly.


Having a quick reference icon for flavorings that contain alcohol would be handy.


Added Flavor West to the list, the link to the sheet can be found in the first/main post.


Good info, I’m behind you 100% for this vital information you are working on. I have my own spreadsheet on my PC with a list of all my flavors in my inventory and I have a column for an abbreviation (alc) if I know the flavor has alcohol in it. after mixing I keep the bottles sealed during the steeping process, once I crack them open if I smell alcohol in the juice I do breathing session to help off gas the alcohol. I never paid attention to just what kind of alcohol it was, I just know I don’t want to vape it. Alcohol is added as a flavor carrier and once the juice is ripe it don’t need to be there IMO.
Keep up the good work! I’ll update my list once you are done :slight_smile:


The neat thing about the TPA ingredient list is when you click the name of an ingredient, it gives you a list of flavors containing said ingredient. Meaning any flavors containing Ethyl Alcohol will appear when you click Ethyl Alcohol. Here are all the TPA flavors that contain it. It would certainly be easier if other flavor manufacturers had a similar interface.