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Expansion of Stash


Toasted Coconut Cheesecake
Country Apple
New York Cheesecake
Butter Pecan
Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream.

Wild Cherry
Condensed Milk
Cake Batter
Sugar Cookie
(IMO RF are very nice but some can be lite on flavor)

Strawberry Shisha
Vanilla Shisha

These are the ones I got when I started expanding my stash that I have had some good results with.


Lot’s of good recommendations already.

I’m going to throw a big vote in for Flavorah. They have so many good flavors in all categories (ie. creams, fruits, etc.). I think they are a really good value since the concentrates are usually quite strong. They also seem to play well with other companies flavors in a mix.


I don’t agree to that. If a low cost flavor does the job, why listen to hype.


Why pick a part of his request to reply to. I was at the same place a while ago and I was very unhappy with the results I got from a narrow flavor stash even after I was over 100 flavors in. Vendor Expansion opens more options and creativity.


As I read these posts, I’m reminded yet again of the slippery slope we try to stand on. I’d actually like to get ALL of the recommended ones! But need to choose just a few to begin with. Decisions, decisions!


Might I recommend Inawera, FLV, and Hangsen instead? :wink:


Of course!!!


As is their caramel!

I’d also mention DIYFS Holy Vanilla (yet to try, but never read a single bad report on it, and to me, that says enough).

As for vendors, BCV, and NR would be my first two stops. And there’s another with a lot of specialty brands (hard to find under one roof), but the name escapes me ATM. It’s a long name though (compared to most) and IIRC includes “vape supply”. But I know for sure that the logo is a circle, and I think is brown or black background.


Diy vapor supply


Anyone familiar with Solub Arome? I’ve heard that is hands down the best VC ever made…


These are my favorites, so far:

Deep Fried Spongecake
Sugar Cookie
Aged Bourbon Cream
Sweet Cream
Bavarian Cream
Creme Brulee(only tried the VG version so far, but love it, SC arrived a week ago, and ive heard it’s just as good)

Golden Apple

Fresh Baked Bread
Brown Sugar

These work great in many different applications
I love combining RFSC with MF to get a more real or nuanced profile.
Like RFSC Grape 1.25% + MF Grape .5% makes an outstanding Grape happen.
RFSC Pineapple 1.25% + MF Golden Apple and Nectarine at .10-.15% each make a killer Pineapple.
The RFSC Pineapple is great on its own, but touch it up a bit and it’s more…


And I love hearing things like that. ‘Nuance’ and ‘depth’ always grab my attention. Thanks!


I totally agree. Btw, The MFs are expensive if you go direct, but you can get a lot of them at ECX sold as Lotus Flavors. Tiny bottles, but a few drops go a long way. They also have most of the RFSC. Anything they don’t have from RF, go to Amazon, they moved all of their 1oz bottles there, but they own the store, not a bunch of 3rd party stuff. NF are expensive too, so you can go to diyvaporsupply for those.


To clarify, I didn’t mean to imply that you can’t come up with something pleasing with just a few different vendor selections. In fact, TPA Egg Nog and TPA Pumpkin Spice are great together and they make a juice I would probably buy, if I bought juices. What I mean is, and the point made by the person who said I likely need more concentrates, is that I will be able to make even more really good juices with a properly expanded stash.

I like the RF ideas, mainly because I have an Amazon gift card and can score some goodies for free. I’m still interested in the other makers, as well as finding out more thoughts about Solub Arome as well. So yes, this is also a shameless bump and plea for even more thoughts and suggestions.


Only just found this thread!
Wondering how you;'re doing? what new flavours did you get in the end?


So far, exactly none. Very shortly after posting this thread, the wife used the gift card balance. On flippin’ drapes, even. Sigh. :angry:

And, I got busy with some house projects I only just finished a few days ago, finally. Today was spent re-organizing my vape storage/working space. That’s been long overdue. Long story, but my entire home office was temporarily squished into a tiny space, which is finally over with and I have my very own room now. I just posted a picture of my new vape station in that Storing and Organizing thread, so I have the room and convenience to get spun up again.

tl;dr- None yet.


I’ll go with @VapeyMama on this one.


Awww. Well, then I’ll add another vote for Medicine Flower Butterscotch, on the assumption that you’ll gett some more flavours eventually .
As regards MF, this thread might be helpful:

And as for where to get them, this one

Now how about you posting a link to your pic in that thread, for we lazy buggers who don’t wanna search for it?

And a link to your stash would be pretty cool , too .