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Medicine Flower Recommendations


I recently received a request for MF Extracts recommendations for a 1st purchase. I think this thread might be helpful for anyone looking to try this brand. Hopefully anyone that’s also using MF can amend these few I posted with your favorite MF Extracts.

  1. Dark Chocolate .4-1%
  2. Lemon 1 or 2 drops per 15 mls
  3. Orange 1 or 2 drops per 15 mls or Green Apple .5-1.2%
  4. Vanilla .5-1%… can be subbed for Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) @ 2:1 HV:MF ratio.
  5. Watermelon .3-1%
  6. Wild Raspberry .2-.6%

IMO MF fruits work best with Pyure .5% combined with Sour Wizard FA .5% when used in a fruit mix.

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im not sure what 1 or 2 drops per 15ml equal in % but i do think MF lemon as a top note can be pushed to .25 pct to .33 i am going to try and push this to .50 in a LMP recipe but these pct should only be used if you want a upfront lemon vape


Just from some failed mixes that were over flavored, I use some MFs by the drop, because 1 or 2 extra drops can easily bring them from a bottom or mid note to a top note or even over flavored… especially in small tester mixes. But it’s all relative to individual taste and preference.


Been wanting to try some of these. Have read the orange is very good, just so expensive.


How I wish they weren’t. But when whittled my flavors from 700+ to around 100+, I can see some value in them.


What is the best vendor to get MF?


I’ve seen them at ECX.



I’ve also bought them from rawfoods and amazon. The links are in this reply below.


Thanks PV. The expense is difficult for me to justify when I am a basic b**** when it comes to mixing.

But I want a good chocolate. And everything I’ve heard about MF is good.


i cant argue with that :wink:


I editted your post in this reply so members won’t think everything MF is good…

This is a myth… that’s the reason for this post with recommendations. Luckily I discovered a lot of good ones from free samples.


under the name lotus , but they are all in the clearance section and not too many of the best ones are available


@Pro_Vapes have you tried their guava


No I haven’t…There aren’t any notes on the elr calculator either.


i think next time i order from GEB ill ask for the sample


I am willing to spend the high price on a concentrate if its authentic and super concentrated. MF Lemon and Orange sound like they might be what I’m looking for. 1-2 drops per 15 ml will last me a long time and justify the high price.


So, ECX doesn’t intend to continue stocking them?


My search for the best I could get for me started back in 2015… It just so happened that some of them included MF. I don’t think that anyone should purchase them without research or recommendations… It could be a costly mistake. As with most vendors the cream does rise to the top…


they jave never came out and said this , however when i first ordered from them they had a bunch of the flaves and were selling them for 9.99 a 5ml ( i bought the strawberry ) then when the fda got all crazy MF refused to do the paperwork so vape places can comply , after all this they dropped the prices in half then added another 25pct off and now are only down to a few flaves without replacing the more popular ones