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Expert Advice for New Users Trying to Clone Liquid


Post to Walt on the Real Flavors thread… Several people overpaid shipping and he’s got it straightened out for more then a few.


Inawera. Look at the percentages in your recipe. I used 1% and almost … well… not pleasant!


Yea it is very concentrated and strong, very similar to FLV Rich Cinnamon strength. I have to say that 1% INW Rhubarb would be nasty strong and probably rancid tasting. I first tested this on my hand (note this is never a good way to test concentrates) just to get an idea and at first I thought, “I’m not going to like this” but I was wrong. For Rhubarb INW .2% is around the same as using 2% to 3% of FA average usage percentage in my opinion.


that was nice of him i overpaid on one but decided to leave it i still got 6 bottles for under 20 bucks imo thats a steal


I recently bought a juice called Pink Floyd in a small vape shop while out of town. I had run out of my commercial Mother’s Milk and it was the owners recipe. He said it was a Strawberry Daiquiri flav. I bought a bottle and loved it sooo much.I was sad when it ran out. (Funny how a good vape flavor can make one so happy. )
It’s what actually inspired me to try making my own. And also what brought me here. :grin:



When I switched from smoking cigs to vaping I fell in love with dragon candy by vape daugz its a sweet blueberry, cotton candy, vanilla custard sooooo good but expensive @ $22.00 for 40ml which I was burning through in 3-4 days so I switched to diy and would absolutely love to get a clone that is even close. Tks!!!


That sounds amazing. I just went and came up with a recipe. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


Please do!! Thanks…fyi the blueberry is very faint more of a sweet vanilla custard with alot of body.


OK, because I love real rhubarb!


I’d like to know about that one as well. Thanx