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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


WHITEROSE CHRISTMAS Merry Christmas everyone!


What a lovely gift for someone. Not entering myself as I stubbornly go back to my OBS engine every time I stray. But I’m eagerly waiting to see who wins! Happy Holidays everyone!


I love the “Engine” too! Great tank/no leaks. Little picky to wick but not TOO bad.


I don’t anticipate a win (for myself), but would like to say thank you for both the opportunity to win and for going out of your way to do this for one of us here on the forum.



Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and thank you for the generosity!!!


I wish everyone and their families and loved ones, a very happy Christmas and the very best of luck!


Do you by chance live in New Zealand?

7:57 AM
Monday, December 25, 2017 (GMT+13)
Time in Wellington, New Zealand

And do you get up at 8:00?


Nope, if I know @Whiterose0818 he gets up when he gets up. Do not wake the beast out of his slumber. Not wise at all. Lol.

ok, just the anticipation is killing me so I had to ask. Some lucky winner here is going to get a great mod, I've seen the pictures! Chances are I wont win because I have already won so many prizes playing the various games and giveaways on this site. But congratulations to whoever does win, and thanks Whiterose and that anonymous contributor for your generosity! HO HO Ho!


Whiterose Christmas


Seeing all the excitement and giddiness of everyone entering is a gift in itself. Thank you Whiterose and Anonymous Person. You are going to make someone very happy :slight_smile:


Right backatcha brother! A Happy Christmas to you and yours.


Bump :facepunch: :grin:

10 blah


Ok, guys…
Wrapping paper has been cleaned up.
I’m about to do this now.
Lemme fire up the PC and get you guys lined up!
Merry Christmas to the Family!


@SthrnMixer is the winner!!!
PM me for the prize!
Thanks to everyone for participating!


Congrats @SthrnMixer and Merry Christmas… enjoy!


Well congrats and Merry Christmas to you @SthrnMixer :tada::+1:


Does that mean I have to keep using my own shitty ones? Congrats @SthrnMixer!


Congratulations @SthrnMixer


Yayyy congrats @Sthrnmixer :ok_hand::grin::grin::tada::tada::tada: