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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Congrats @SthrnMixer … Again thank you so much @Whiterose0818 for doing this and @Lolly for coordinating!


Congrats @SthrnMixer


you guys wanna do a Christmas raffle to finish the giveaway off?
i could do a lipo mod and lipo charger combo deal.
we could let it run for a coupla days and then choose a winner.
anybody game?


How about, next one down on that draw this morning? I think that sounds good!


Congrats @SthrnMixer, and thanks @Whiterose0818 and anonymous for the opportunity.


Congrats @SthrnMixer I’m happy for you brother!
Thanks @Whiterose0818 and the anonymous doner that’s awesome merry Christmas to all!


I’d love a raffle but I’m counting my pennies right now and they don’t amount to much lol maybe after the new year hits lol


Congratulations @Sthrnmixer and Thank you @Whiterose0818 @Lolly for the great competition and opportunity! Happy Holidays everyone :star_struck::+1::+1:


Big congrats Robert!
Lucky bugger!


Congrats @SthrnMixer !!!
and happy holidays to all :smile:


Congrats @SthrnMixer what a fantastic Christmas gift, enjoy.


So glad you’re enjoying the recipes, Phil


Congrats guys! Happy mixing!!!


What a great, one of a kind prize, and nice guy to give it to @SthrnMixer. Send some pics of that beauty.


Congratulations dude!! :tada:


Congratulations @SthrnMixer :rocket:
Thanks for hosting the giveaway @Whiterose0818 :two_hearts:


Congratulations to @SthrnMixer. Thanks to our anonymous benefactor for generously donating this, and thanks to @Lolly for organising this givaway!


vongrats @SthrnMixer


Congrats BRO! I was gonna guess Crabs on the Truck Stop win… $500? better than an STD! :wink:


Congrats @SthrnMixer, and thanks @Whiterose0818 and anonymous for the comp. Rob enjoy your spoils mate you totally deserve them.